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Explain the mechanism of P2P communication in JXTA architecture
A bubble originating at the bottom of a lake rises to the surface within 10.0 seconds with an acceleration of 10.0 meters/second2. What is the depth of the lake?
Suppose a car gravels 90. meters due north in 15 seconds. Then the car turns around and travels 40. meters due south in 5.0 seconds. What is the magnitude of the average velocity of the car during this 20. second interval?
Derive the equation for uniform accelerated motion for the displacement covered in ots nth second of its motion.
Calculate the heat units for a chest x-ray that uses the following exposure factors: 200 mA 0.6 seconds and 70 kvp. The machine is a three phase, 6 pulse generator.
A recovery vehicle is towing a broken down lorry, of mass 42 tonne, up an incline of 1 in 10. Both vehicles start from rest and accelerate constantly up the incline at 0.1m/s2. If the resistance to motion (not the gravitational component) is:-
F = 820 + 0.06V3 where F is resistance in Newtons and V is velocity in m/s. What is power in kW transmitted through the tow hook to the lorry at a velocity of 10m/s?
A. 462.82 B. 556.34 C. 67.65 D. 120.8 E. 1220.67
A gremlin is a tiny mythical creature often blamed for mechanical failures. Suppose for a moment that a shrewd physicist catches one such gremlin and makes it work for her instead of against her. She determines that the gremlin can produce 24 milliwatts of power. How many gremlins are required to produce 24,000 megawatts of power?
If two people of the same mass were swimming and one is a couch potato a and the other a 4season athlete which would probably float in water more easily ?
A straight, non-conducting plastic wire 8.50cm long carries a charge density of +175n c/m distributed uniformly along its length. It is lying on a horizontal table top.

Find the magnitude and direction of the Electric Field that is produced 6.0cm directly above its midpoint.
If the wire is now bent into a circle lying flat on the table, Find the magnitude & direction of the Electric field on a point 6.0cm directly above its center.
a uniform electric field exists in the region between two oppositely charged plane parallel plates. A proton is released from rest at the surface of the positively charged plate and strikes the surface of the opposite plate, 1.60cm distant from the first, in a time interval of 1.5 micro-second.
find the magnitude of the electric field,
find the speed of the proton when it strikes the negatively charged plate.
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