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What is going on in my love life .whom is good for me is my friend buggz married .do he really like me.
A tire pump has piston whose cross-section area is 0.001 m2. If a force of 150 N is applied to the pump, find the pressure on air in the pump.
P = F/A
The mass and radius of a planet are half the respective values of the earth. What is the value of
acceleration due to gravity of the planet? (Take value of g on earth as 10 m s–2)
I was wondering if we can just reflect laser with the help of many reflectors to focus it on one point. Then if we can store that energy that is emitted from the laser from that point from where we are concentrating it on. If we can store the energy then we can easily utilize it for various purpose. Is is possible to do that?????
There are two housewives Neeru and Meena. They have to serve tea to four guests who are likely
to visit them at an interval of 15 minutes. Neeru prepares tea each time the guest arrives. Meena
prepares four cup of tea when the first guest arrives and stores it in a thermos flask and serves
when the guest arrives. Who saves energy? Give reasons for your answer.
Calculate the tensile force required to produce an elongation of 0.1 percent in a wire of radius 0.5
mm. (The Young’s modulus of the material of the wire is 1.0 × 1011 N m–2)
A ball is thrown with a speed of 20 m s–1 in a direction 30° above the horizontal. Calculate (i) the
maximum height attained by the ball and (iii) the time taken by the ball to return to the same level
(Take g = 10 m s–2)
I had a knee replacement I have an implant on top of my tibia which is over hanging on one side. If you put an equal amount of pressure on the implant would there be more pressure on the side that overhangs which would explain why I'm in pain?
A starts from his home at 10 am on a bicycle and travels 4 km in 15min towards his school and his brother B starts at 11 am on a scooter at speed of 40 km per hour towards the same school. Find where and when A and B would meet.
What is the mass of an object that has 40J potential energy and is 10m above the ground?
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