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A ball rolls with a speed of 2.0m/s across a level table that is 1.0m above the floor.Upon reaching the edge of the table,it follows a parabolic path to the floor.How far along the floor is the landing spot from the table?
Two masses m and 2m are joined to each other by means of a frictionless
pulley as shown in figure. When the mass 2m is released, the mass m will
ascend with an acceleration of..?
A 150 m long train is travelling from east to west a speed of 20 ms–1. A bird is flying from west to east at
a speed of 5 ms–1. How long will the bird take to cross the train?
A brass of rod 0.2 kg at 100 degreeC is dropped into 0.5 kg of water at 20 degreeC.The final temperature of the mixture is 23 degree C.Calculate the specific heat capacity of brass,if the geat capacity of water is 4200J/Kg degree C.
A car stopped at a stop light accelerates at a constant speed for 20 second to reach a maximum speed of 80 m/s. What is the car's overall acceleration?
2 kilogram mass object thrown vertically upward from the ground and fell to the ground after moving 6s. when the Earth's gravitational acceleration 9.8 m / s2, the maximum height that can be achieved the object is ..... m
A student recorded the length of a piece of wire measured with the meter scale as 98l.6cm. What is the relative error in the measurement

A. 0.0005
B. 0.005
C. 0.05
D. 0.5
Two lengths L1=1.746 +_ 0.010m and L2=1.507+_ 0.010m are obtained by measurement.
L1 + L2

A. 3.253 +_ 0.014m
B. 3.253+_ 0.02m
C. 3.253+_0.10m
D. 3.253+_ 0.001m
I want the detailed physical explanation for homogeneous and Isotropic materials. Also, explain with at least five examples, the materials that are homogeneous but not isotropic and vice versa.
A roofing tile falls from rest off the roof of a building. An observer from across the street notices that it takes 0.39 s for the tile to pass between two windowsills that are 3.0 m apart. How far is the sill of the upper window from the roof of the building?
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