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An object weighing 200 lbs is suspended by a rope. Rope A is pulled by the horizontal Rope B and held so that Rope A makes an angle of 30 degree with the vertical. Find the tension in Rope A and B.
A block of mass (m1 = 5 kg) on a rough, horizontal surface is connected to a ball of mass (m2 = 2 kg) by a lightweight inextensible cord over a light weight, frictionless pulley, as shown in Figure 1 below. A force of magnitude F = 80 N acting at an angle θ = 30º with the horizontal is applied to the block, accelerating the block of mass to the left. The coefficient of the kinetic friction between the block and the surface is 0.25.

a) Draw the free body diagram of the masses m1 and m2.
b) Determine the normal force acting on mass m1.
c) Determine the kinetic friction force acting on mass m1.
d) Determine the acceleration of the system.
a) Perform the following calculations on the measurements and express your answers to reasonable number of significant figures and decimal places.
i) 108.7 cm + 0.35 cm- 0.105 cm
ii) 103.47 g m/L* 20.3 mL
b) Explain why uncertainty of measurement is important in science and engineering.
c) With the aid of an illustration, explain the meaning of accuracy and precision
Car A is travelling at 22.0 m/s and car B at 29.0 m/s. Car A is 300 m behind Car B when the drive of car A accelerates his car with an acceleration of2.4 m/s2. How long does it take Car A to overtake Car B?
An identical drop is of capacitance 'c' are combined to form a big drop, calculate capacitance of the big drop?
(a) calculate the potential of each small drop is 'v'
(b) calculate the.energy.and surface charge
why a loaded testube floats upright?
1.A room of 1.5 litres contains gas with pressure 10^5 Pa.If the gas particle has average speed of 750 m/s,then gas mass that trapped in the room is...gram


2.An object is placed 375 mm in front of a concave mirror with focus 250 mm.If the object is moved 25 mm away from the mirror,then it's shadow will shift to...mm


3.If purple light frequency of 10^16 Hz falls on a metal surface with verge energy 1/3 of energy quanta of the purple light.The kinetic energy of the released electron is...X 10^-18J

A rock falls form the edge of a cliff height h from the abyss.At the same time another rock is tossed up vertically with initial velocity v.Both rocks will be in the same height after a time interval t.The value of t is...


A car moves with velocity v and it decreases to 1/3 after a distance x because the car's braked.The distance taken from the start until the car stop is...x


Two electric bulbs of 40W,60V are serially installed,then connected to the source of 60 volt that are able to apply electric current of 0.5A.The magnitude of effective power of the bulbs is...Watt

a uniform plank AB 30m long weighing 100N is pivoted at points P, Q which are 5m from the ends A and B respectively. a boy of weight 250N stands at a point D 1m away from Q and the arrangement is in equilibrium. determine the reaction R1 R2 at the supports
Would a fishing sinker dropped into an ice-covered lake reach the temperature of the lake water more quickly if the sinker was made of iron or lead? Use
your data on the specific heats of these metals to explain your answer.
(Assume the sinkers have a starting temperature of 37 degrees C and have the same shape and mass.)
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