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Answer on Economics of Enterprise Question for LaMarcus Streeter

Question #7226
3. Stover Corporation, a U.S. based importer, makes a purchase of crystal glassware from a firm in Switzerland for 39,960 Swiss francs, or $24,000, at the spot rate of 1.665 francs per dollar. The terms of the purchase are net 90 days, and the U.S. firm wants to cover this trade payable with a forward market hedge to eliminate its exchange rate risk. Suppose the firm completes a forward hedge at the 90-day forward rate of 1.682 francs. If the spot rate in 90 days is actually 1.638 francs, how much will the U.S. firm have saved or lost in U.S. dollars by hedging its exchange rate exposure?

a. -$396
b. -$243
c. $0
d. $243
e. $638
Expert's answer


Saving = (Spot rate (purchase) - Spot rate (actual))*Amount of money
S = (1.665 - 1.638)*24,000 = $638


07.03.2012, 15:27

e. $638
SF/SR forward SF/SR at 90 Gain Loss
39960/1.682 = 23757.74 39960/1.638= 24395.60 23757.74-24395.60=-637.86

Expert can verify :)

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