How to Do my Homework Fast and Well? Surviving Tips

how to do my homework fast and well? Surviving tips

Homework. Is it as useful as teachers claim? Really, doing loads of tasks reduces your time to sleep and to spend with family. Moreover, often homework prevents diligent students from sports training! That’s really terrible, not saying that long sitting hours lead to crooked spine and other health disorders. Do you need all this? Certainly no. Is there anyone who wants to become a homework slave? There again.

Situation goes even worse for parents. Imagine you’re working full time (that’s normal) and you’re a parent of school-going child. It’s not uncommon for you then to come home after tough workday and start doing algebra homework or inventing a scientific project, and a lot more. Here’s, for example, a detailed diary of what happens when a father, alarmed by his 13-year-old daughter’s nightly workload, tries to do her homework for a week. Moreover, researches advise not to help children to do their homework. Yet the question remains open, how can an average school kid handle this on his own.

Is homework the root of all evil, the very cause of family arguments and the primary source of all baby-daddy troubles?

Remember that too much homework can kill lust for knowledge and eager for study forever. Don’t risk the future, get rid of excessive homework today. Don’t let homework to suck life out of you!

too much homework?
We could have start a social movement for banning homework and name it like “No homework! Save your kids and ban it now!” Really, why not? Today, however, we won’t dig so deep, our goal is helping you to survive tons of homework.

Ok, so what main things can we name in homework rescuing process? How to do homework in less time and with less effort? Is that even possible to do homework in less time?

And our answer is – YES, absolutely! Here’s our step-by-step strategy.

STEP 1. Prioritize!

First of all, you should understand that it’s not a big deal if you don’t do ALL homework. What you need to do is to find what is more important and what is less. And focus on the former. Actually, sometimes it’s a good thing to ask yourself a question “How can I do as little as possible and still get an A?“. Do not overuse this principle, though.

STEP 2. Plan your time!

The next point is DO NOT leave all of the homework to the last minute. still leaving homework to the last minute?

Believe it or not, having less time left, you’ll do it worse than you’re actually able to. The worst strategy ever is to lack time, in everything. Take your time!

STEP 3. Find proper work place!

It’s extremely important to chose the place for doing homework. Best if you avoid any distractions like side-playing TV, or someone yelling, or doing dishes, or whatever. Inviting your dog to help is also a pretty bad idea. Unless he majors in physics or math which is not likely, though. So dog goes anywhere else while you’re working. Same story with cats.

cat doing homework

Find WORK PLACE! And invite everyone out of it.

Also, you gotta throw out unnecessary things from your working table, you need some space to concentrate and do the work faster and better.

If possible, do homework in daylight. That’s optional, of course and sometimes not possible, but try and you’ll see the difference!

STEP 4. Homework music!

OOOOOOkay! Interesting, that most people concentrate better when listening to music. Music can help you study! Yep, turn on your favorite tunes when doing homework. Not all music will fit, though. Find the one working for you, in fact you can even create a special Homework playlist and share with friends. Also, don’t forget to turn off facebook alerts, you’ll be able to check all your friends’ updates a little later, after finishing your homework. Add some music to your doing homework routine!

Maybe this?

Just kidding!

Search by keywords “background music”, “concentration music” on SoundCloud or elsewhere. Or simply try this:
By the way, to tune your brain on homework doing process, watch this concentrating video a couple of minutes (but not more! beware not to get stuck on the Internet).

STEP 5. Make notes!

If you’re reading a paragraph, make short notes. It takes little time and helps to memorize the main points faster. Also you can review the notes before classes instead of reading the whole piece.

STEP 6. Homework food!

If we’re speaking about such energy consuming process as doing homework, we gotta find the way to support energy supplies! Use your favorite snacks while going through tasks. It stimulates special chemical processes in your organism and help to concentrate.

too much food for doing homework

Ok, maybe not that much 🙂 Try apples, peanut butter, nuts. Or take a chewing gum, it also works. Define your special homework food!

STEP 7. Take breaks!

Don’t forget to make some breaks. Make sure they are at least shorter than your working time, though  five to ten minute per hour would suffice. Don’t overload your brain with information, provide it a possibility to consume it. Breaks!

Those are some tips on how to survive severe homework loads. Doing homework process can become less painful and more advantageous if you follow a few simple rules. You can trust us, as we are homework doing experts. Have your own secret of how to do tasks fast and good? Share in comments!

P.S. Things are coming from bad to worse with your homework? Don’t call 911 as one kid did struggling with his math homework.


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