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Question #169255
  1. Identify at least four Major Theoretical Perspectives (Theories) in Sociology and their relevance today                                                          
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Identify At Least Four Major Theoretical Perspectives (Theories) In Sociology and Their Relevance Today

           Theoretical perspectives are an essential framework used in social science to explain and organize social phenomena. Sociology employs four major theories; symbolic interaction, social conflict, functionalism, and feminism theory.

Feminism Theory

           The theory views society in a traditionally unequal perspective between men and women, and it strives to eliminate the air by advocating for equality between both sexes. A good example is the Act of gender rule that advocates for the representation of even women in politics to establish equality.

Social Conflict Theory

           The theory views society in a perspective that it's never equal and consists of a system of groups in constant conflict. One great example is the never-changing conflicts between each faction of different political parties, each fighting to be in charge; the conflict always exists to bring change.

The Structural-Functional Theory

           The theory views society as a complex system interrelated to each part, all working together in mutual interaction. A good example is an interaction between the government, businesses, and the people who interact together to create a sustainable life.

Symbolic Interaction Theory

           The theory views society on the perspective that relationships between individuals and communication are the key to exchanging information. A good example is a study of how protestants are interacting through the use of symbols and signs to pass information (Sociology's Four Theoretical Perspectives: Structural-Functional, Social Conflict, Feminism & Symbolic Interactionism, 2013).  


Sociology's Four Theoretical Perspectives: Structural-Functional, Social Conflict, Feminism & Symbolic Interactionism. (2013, May 30). Retrieved from <span style="color:black;mso-color-alt:windowtext"></span>.

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