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Question #15756
What in your opinion are the advantages and disadvantages of marriage in the context of the 21st Century?
Expert's answer
The 21st Century finds this definition being challenged. People wish to redefine what has always been in order to suit their own purposes and circumstances; they want to change the definition of marriage simply because it does not fit into the “wants and desires” of today’s society.

Advantages of Marriage

The ability to love and receive love in return. Marriage to someone you love gives you an avenue to channel all your love and attention especially for people who never really received love as children. Loving someone who loves you back is the greatest feeling most married people experience in their lives.

Research has shown that children raised by married couples do better than children raised by single parents. Most religions encourage raising kids in this (marriage) environment because it is believed to provide the necessary balance in the upbringing of children. Let's face it; it is easier for two people to raise kids than for one person to bear the burden of raising a kid(s) alone. Raising kids is tasking for two people let alone one person!

The best way to have great, wonderful and guiltless sex.

Marriage provides some sort of security (especially for women), having someone who loves and chooses to support you financially is also a great advantage (don't you think?).

To have someone to love unconditionally until death parts you.

Marriage provides you with a companion that you can grow old with and share your stories of the old days with.

Marriage helps you to be tolerant, unselfish and caring. Many married people can tell you for a fact that living with someone for the rest of your life is not one of the easiest things for anyone, especially if the other person is totally different from you.

Marriage helps you to be disciplined in your finances, time and your sexual libido is reserved for one person and one person alone (your wife or husband), period.

You have someone to share life's challenges, rewards and sorrows with, a person who actually knows what you are going through and feels the same way too.

You don't have to worry about the dating game any more, you don't have to worry that your hair line is receding or that your arse and thighs are getting bigger.

Disadvantages of Marriage

Sex with only one person for the rest of your life. For some people, it is unfair to have sex with only one person!

Everything you own belongs to her and vice versa.

The sacrifices or compromises you have to make in order to get along with your in-laws who particularly get on your nerves

You have to give up so much of your freedom in order to stay married

You cannot afford to spend your own money at will because you have a family to support

Having to live with the same person (who sometimes annoys or bores you to tears) for the rest of your life

You cannot afford to be selfish, self-centered, self-conceited and inconsiderate anymore

Marriage has lots of advantages and the disadvantages (if you choose) can be outweighed by the many advantages of marriage.


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