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Question #179041

1.     From the perspective of an advertising executive: How might knowledge of classical conditioning be useful in creating an advertising campaign? (5 marks)

2.     Explain how does the theory of Bandura’s self-efficacy complements the Locke’s Goal setting theory? Explain with example. (5 marks)

Expert's answer

1.The Knowledge of Classical conditioning can be useful in advertising products since it creates a feeling and response that directly affects the consumer.


Salivating caused by pictures of delicious meals or snacks will trigger the need to eat the product hence the consumer ends up buying it.

Classical conditioning targets the unconcious part of a consumer. The Consumer is then likely to buy the product due to the stimulus it has created or avoiding certain products or behaviors due to the effects it brings.

This then will have helped the advertising executive achieve it's goal.

2.The theory of Bandura on Self Efficacy correlates with Goal setting in that, the stronger one perceives self-efficacy, the higher the goals they set for themselves. This then is based on personal capabilities brought about by motivation and the environment. This will strengthen the Commitment placed on the goal and objective. In order for an individual to demonstrate readiness for change, the goal then has to be connected to the person with a strong effect to them that creates some importance to them. Giving the person confidence and a strong self esteem that they will achieve the intended goal gives room for self believe.


In Schools, Learners who perform well are always rewarded. This brings a positive impact to them since they'll be motivated to work hard and get more rewards. The others will also feel challenged hence will try work hard to get rewarded as well.

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