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Draw flow chart tha allow 's thd user to input the text/code/password.thus password compared with existing word ''program" which is stord in server computer.
Creating a c# form for mobile calls. how to call a list to a listbox
Create a class Call, which contains information about a call made via mobile phone. This class should have the necessary members for the about date, time of start and duration of the call. Your application should have another class named CallRecord that inherits from the Call class. The CallRecord class should have necessary members, i.e. the callID, the receivers’ mobile network and the cost of the call.
Create a text file that contains the necessary data for a call record for at least five calls. When the application starts, it should read the data from the file and create a CallRecord object for each calls’ data. The CallRecord objects should be added to a List, and each call callID should be displayed in a list box on the application’s main form. When the user selects a callID from the list box, a second form should appear displaying that calls’ details individually using the relevant controls.
Write a C# program to retrieve the values from the text file. Display the number of values processed and the average of the values, formatted with two decimal places. Also display the smallest value and the largest value. [Hint: To simplify the problem, the values can each be placed on separate lines.] • Save the integers in a text file and name it numbers.txt • Using a method retrieve the values from the text file and store in a list. The method should return a list. • Use other methods to loop through this list and show the number of values processed, calculate the average, find the largest and the smallest value.
how would I use stream reader to read a text file from user input (which was stream writer)?
Which two way I can use to make a method return a int and string.
Why do we use protected keyword in a classes?
write a program that will compute for the tuition fee
2. Write a program that computes a weighted average giving the following weights.
Homework: 10%
Projects: 35%
Quizzes: 10%
Exams: 30%
Final Exam: 15%
Do a compile-time initialization with the following values:Homework: 97; Projects: 82; Quizzes: 60; Exams: 75; Final Exam 80. Display all values, including the weights, appropriately labeled and formatted. Rerun the application with different values.