Answer to Question #66995 in Philosophy for murahi

Question #66995
Question 10 : Which of the following is not true about argument?
an invalid argument is said to be unsound
if the premises of an argument contain false proposition it will be decleared unsound
for an argument to be sound, the premise and conclusion must be true proposition
an argument must be valid before deciding if is sound or unsoundQuestion 15 : Given that "All Nigerian are saints. All saints are angels. Therefore all Nigerians are angels" Which of the following is not true?
The argument is unsound
the argumnet is not valid
Both the two premises and conclusion are false proposition
The argument is invalid but unsound

Question 16 : One of the aim of the the laws of thought is ______________
to reduce tautology when some logicians are speaking
to create a base for deductive argument
to set patterns for anyone who want to think and speak correctly
to enable us calculate well in logic and mathematics
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