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Question #167285

On the issues of what is sexually moral and its relation to what is natural, what is similar in the views of the Bible and Sade and what is different?

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One of the similarities between the approach of Sade and the bible is that both recognize sex as natural. The bible is quite clear that the man was made for a woman and vice versa and it is natural for them to come together, get married and bear children. The bible is very particular on the natural nature of sex. According to Sade however, every person is in pursuit of sexual gratification and they should do it with anyone they want. Since sex is natural, then it should not have boundaries. People should therefore be free to do it regardless of what society thinks since it is natural. Sade’s argument however encourages sex of all forms be it adultery, prostitution, premarital sex or homosexuality. He recognizes that sexual freedom is very important and it should be embraced in all its forms.

Sade was a firm believer of freedom. Any form of restraint such as societal views on morality or religion was not on Sade’s school of thought. Homosexuality according to Sade is therefore natural and so is heterosexuality. Another difference between the bible and Sade’s approach is the fact that the bible describes the only right type of sex is that which is between a married couple. Sade on the other hand says that sex as long as it gives someone gratification, no matter the partner be it a man woman or anything it is allowed. Sade believed that society was a restraint (Lloyd, 2018).

Another difference between the two is that the bible is very particular on monogamous marriages. According to the bible, people should stay faithful to their partners. The stories of the bible for example that of Adam and Eve show two people who were faithful to each other. According to Sade however, being in a monogamous marriage is more like being imprisoned by society. He describes it as ‘is only unjust social conventions that force us into monogamous marriages’ (Lauwaert, 2019). According to Sade people should be free to have sex with anyone anytime despite of their species, age and gender. The bible describes sex outside marriage as destructive and highly immoral. The stories of Sodom and Gomorrah show how immoral people would be punished. It means that the bible is very particular on how sex should be for it to be considered natural and moral.

In conclusion, the views of the bible and those of Sade are completely different. The only similarity is the fact that they all believe that sex is natural. Otherwise, Sade is a firm believer of sex and sexual freedom. In his approach, sex should be free and it should be done with anyone. He discredits the bible’s views on monogamous marriages and sexual purity.


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