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Question #166676
  1. What are some of the major pattern of conflict and violence in the world today
  2. Can human nature predispose us to destructive conflict or can human beings consciously choose peaceful ways of living?
  3. How can social condition and identities give rise to conflict or peace
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The world currently faces two major conflict and violence patterns which include; terror attacks and demonstrations. Currently, specific countries worldwide are under war linked to terror attacks, such as Iran and Afghanistan countries. These countries have been declared war zones by the superpower countries. However, the conflicts are championed by some countries' economic and political interests that want to benefit (Shen & Steuer, 2017). For example, the Middle East war is due to the existence of oil, which all countries would want to benefit from.

The demonstration is another pattern of conflicts that has gained popularity in the world. The change in the governance structure, which has introduced things such as democracy, gives the people the power to exercise their rights through demonstrations. For example, during election periods, most countries go into war, and demonstrations are experienced even in developed countries such as the United States of America. However, the types of conflicts could change depending on the interests of the affiliated groups.

Can human nature predispose us to destructive conflict, or can human beings consciously choose peaceful ways of living?


Human beings can choose whether to go into war or to coexist peacefully in society. Various factors can influence human nature. Considering the conflict resolution patterns, human beings can decide what is right and what is wrong. The scientific reasoning of human beings has been changed over a longer period in society. Human behavior as well as has been changing over and over.

Conflict always comes as a result of the struggle for material wealth. For example, people fight for the reasons of securing political positions to gain wealth. However, people can change their minds to source wealth differently, hence avoiding conflict in society. It means human beings can choose the kind of life they want to lead. However, nature could have some impacts on their lifestyles.


Conflicts come as a result of differences, and social identification could be one of the reasons. The social differences in society create room for conflict by creating class status. People of the higher social classes are likely to a developed negative attitude to the people from the lowers social classes in the same community. The social identities create the dependency mechanism and perceptions (Kraus et al., 2017). For example, the well-off people in the community could start frustrating the poor in society because of their money, hence creating social conflicts. Besides, the social identifies is an indicating of the differences in the social norms. Most of the time, people with different cultures fail to understand one another and therefore involve in cultural conflicts.


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