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Question #162322


For a symbolic interactionist, gender is something which ... .

a) an attribute of different people

b) innate 

c) up to the individual

d) constantly made up and reproduced through social interaction


Which one of the following is not an aspect of symbolic interactionist theory? 

a) Everyday contact

b) Social interaction

c) Meritocracy

d) Constructed identity


The idea of citizenship entails ... .

a) a legal status (to be a citizen)

b) an emphasis on cosmopolitan ideals

c) citizenship as a practice (to act as a citizen)

d) an emphasis on formal schooling

1) a and d

2) b and d

3) a, b and c

4) a, b and d


The Restoration and Extension of South African Citizenship Act (1993) included the 


a) South African citizenship for all.

b) Segregation.

c) Every South African citizen is entitled to enjoy all rights, privileges and benefits of South 

African citizenship.

d) Every South African should be subject to the duties, obligations and responsibilities of 

being a citizen.

1) b

2) a and c

3) a, c and d

4) b and d


Citizenship education in post - apartheid South Africa is best described as... .

a) promoting participatory democracy 

b) confined to matric students

c) promoting the necessary skills for active citizenship 

d) a waste of time

1) b and d

2) b, c and d 

3) a and c

4) a, b and d


The study of ‘diversity’ includes the following:

a) Learning about group differences in society

b) The development of group and individual identity

c) The static character of society

d) Addressing how different social factors influence social institutions

1) a and b

2) a, b and d

3) c

4) c and d


The term ‘identity’ within a sociology of education context means our social identities 

are ... .

a) entirely reliant upon our genes

b) guided by factors, such as gender, race, class, religion and disability

c) shaped by input from our families, the media, peers and schools

d) given to us by midwives

1) a, b and d

2) a, b and c

3) a and b

4) b and c


What is social stratification?

a) The way of life of a people.

b) A tradition.

c) When an individual in society only acquires a certain part of culture.

d) A process of categorising people according to their ranks within the family and society

1) a, b and c

2) b, c and d

3) d

4) b


The social construction of race ... .

a) encourages an understanding of race as biological

b) entails an understanding of race as being socially constructed

c) emphasises historical, cultural and economic factors, as well as the physical characteristics 

of people 

d) encompasses the idea that people are assigned to different racial categories because of 

opinion and social experience 

1) b, c and d

2) a, b and c

3) a and b

4) a and d


Gender is best described as ... .

a) the social process of developing masculine and feminine traits

b) being male

c) being female

d) the innate characteristics we have as men and women.

1) b and c

2) a

3) d

4) a and d

Expert's answer

1. d

2. c

3. 3) a, b & c

4. 2) a & c

5. 3) a & c

6. 2) a, b & c

7. 4) b & c

8. 3) d

9. 1) b, c & d

10. 4) a & d

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