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Jana is a 4-year old girl. During the summertime, Jana's mom works from home in order to provide childcare for Jana and her older sister, Jolena, who is seven. Over the past few months, Jana has been displaying some challenging behaviors:

  • She talks a lot and ignores any and all requests to be quieter or stop talking.
  • She climbs on top of tables and counters and it seems she is always getting into something, even when told not to.
  • She often laughs because she thinks it's funny when the adults get frustrated with her.

It's a new school year and Jana is returning to the home child care that she attended during the previous school year. The child care provider has noticed that those behaviors persist in the home child care setting.

Step 2: Write a Reflection

In a minimum of 2-pages (not counting the title page and reference page, if applicable) address the following:

  1. Discuss what you think might be going on with Jana, based solely on the information provided.
  2. Identify two (2) reasons for what might be causing the behavior.
  3. Select two (2) developmental domains (PILES) where she needs additional support.

Show that ¥(x,t)= Asin(wt+kx) describes a wave motion

At the base of a vertical cliff, a model rocket, starting from rest, is launched upwards at t = 0 with a time-varying acceleration given by

ay(t) = A − Bt

where A and B are positive constants. Also at t = 0, a small stone is released from rest from the top of the cliff at a height h directly above the rocket. (This height h is higher than the maximum height reached by the rocket.) The stone hits the rocket at the instant when the rocket reaches its maximum height. The gravitational acceleration of magnitude g is downward. You may neglect air resistance. Determine an expression for the initial height h from which the stone was dropped in terms of the constants A, B, and g. 

You are watching a YouTube video on how to solve a single variable mathematical

equation. For example:

4x + 7 = 15 therefore 4x = 15 – 7 hence 4x = 8 with a final solution being x = 2.

Based on this activity and your understanding of the function of the various lobes of the

the brain as outlined in the text and/or other sources (i.e. internet), indicate /list

at least 3


the lobes that would be required to be working together as you review the video. In describing the task, make sure you show how each of the lobes is involved. Try to be

brief (no more than a paragraph per outline).


It is important to cite/reference any information obtained from the text,

articles, the internet, etc. Failure to do

so will result in a grade of zero and a report of a

breach of the

Academic Integrity policy.

(Identifying correctly the various lobes of the brain in performing the task is worth

1 mark each and 3 marks total for your outline of how each is specifically involved

Thiago (Netherlands) considers placing 40 percent of its excess funds in a one-year Canada dollar deposit and the remaining 60 percent of its funds in a one-year Australia dollar deposit. The Canada one-year interest rate is 15 percent, while the Australia one-year interest rate is 10 percent. The possible percentage changes in the two currencies for the next year are forecasted as follows: Currency Possible percentage change in the spot rate over the investment horizon Probability of that change in the spot rate occurring Canada dollar -2% 20% Canada dollar 1 60 Canada dollar 3 20 Australia dollar 1 50 Australia dollar 4 40 Australia dollar 6 10 Given this information, determine the possible effective yields of the portfolio and the probability associated with each possible portfolio yield. If the one-year euro interest rate is 8 percent, what is the probability that the portfolio’s effective yield will be lower than the yield achieved from investing in the Australia? (Assume that the movements on the two currencies are not correlated)

Complete the table with relevant commonwealth legislation relevant to managing effective workplace relationships, and a brief outline of the legislation. You have been given one example.

Area of work Legislation Outline

Workplace Health

and Safety Work Health and Safety

Act 2011 (Cth) This act establishes work health and

safety duties of employees and employers,

in eliminating or minimizing risks,

consulting with workers and seeking

their representation and participation relating

to work health and safety matters.



Equal opportunities

for everyone

Equal opportunities for

the disabled

Equal opportunities for

people with diverse

nationalities or racial


Equality between men

and women

A tie bar of length 2.5 m and diameter 10 mm carries an axial load of 12 kN. The modulus of

elasticity of the bar material is 180 GPa. Determine the induced tensile stress, the tensile

strain and the change in length that occurs.

Calculate the density , specific weight , and volume of chloride gas at 25 ° C and pressure of 600 000 N / m²abs R=118

In a class of 30 students, the number of students who can speak English is 16, and the number of those who speak French is 5. Apart from these, there are no students who can speak a foreign language. In this class:

a) What is the least probability of those who do not speak a foreign language?

b) What is the maximum probability of people who do not speak a foreign language?

c) What is the maximum probability of those who know both foreign languages?

 d) What is the minimum probability of people who know only one foreign language?

e) What is the maximum probability of people who speak only one foreign language?

accounting (essay)

1.     What is meant by the term operational budgets? Explain one of them. 

2.    Explain at least three purposes of budgeting. 

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