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Read the article: History of Facebook in Photos by Matt Weinberger

  1. Give a summary/explanation of the event in 2004
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History of Facebook in Photos

Weinberger (2017) highlighted the detailed history of Facebook in photos that took place since its official launch in Harvard's Kirkland House dormitory by Mark Zuckerberg in February 2004. At around six days after its official launch, seniors from Harvard sued Zuckerberg, claiming that he had reneged on a consent to create a social media site for them. The Harvard seniors claimed that Zuckerberg applied their concept to develop what later became a well-known Facebook site. The three seniors, including Divya Narendra, Tyler Winklevoss, and Cameron, appealed that they had consent with Zuckerberg to create a website called for them. However, Zuckerberg abandoned the Harvard seniors' idea and developed his site.

It started with thirty-three photos hacked from Zuckerberg's classmates, 22,000 page views, and four hundred and fifty individuals were already in for the first four hours it was online. By March, Facebook was free from Harvard students' limitations to expand to other areas such as Columbia, Yale, and Stanford. There were no photos, news feed, events, or the wall that were formally launched apart from the initial 22,000 page views. Zuckerberg encountered corrective act from the University of Harvard (Weinberger, 2017). Conversely, he was permitted to stay at the college. For that reason, Zuckerberg managed the Facebook site in his room in the dormitory before dropping out of Harvard University to be a severe manager of the Facebook site as a business. Before allowing users to post and images, Zuckerberg hired one of his friends to be the first Facebook President.

In September 2004, Zuckerberg and his other cofounders upgraded the Facebook site. They launched the currently infamous "Facebook wall" that enables users to post photos, send and receive messages on their respective pages. Parallel to this announcement, Facebook moved its known headquarters to Palo Alto, California. That improvement led to the first growth of Facebook's wall and news feed that allowed users to post and view images on their respective walls and pages. Further, it enabled Zuckerberg to be a legendary figure and changed tennis shoes and a hoodie into the level of technology industry fashion (Weinberger, 2017).

Reaching December 2004, Facebook expanded further and hit one million users. The massive increase in users' number was due to the latest improvement on Facebook wall, pages, and news feed that all allowed its users to post things such as news updates, images, messages, and advertisements for the businesses. All these events took place in the same year, despite all ups and downs, including facing disciplinary action at Harvard University, paying the court charges for reneging friends' ideas. Weinberger (2017) emphasized the progress of Facebook from its initial name (Facemash) to the current worldwide social media with around one million users.











Weinberger, M. (2017). The 15 Most Popular Programming Languages, According to the’Facebook for Programmers’. URL: https://www. businessinsider. Com/the-9-most-popular-programming-languages-according-tothe-facebook-for-programmers-2017-10 (visited on 02/07/2019).



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