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Question #156422

Use the eight steps of The Communication Process (Fig. 1-1) to analyze a miscommunication you’ve recently had with a co-worker, supervisor, classmate, teacher, friend or a family member.

What idea were you trying to share?

How did you encode and transmit it?

Did the receiver get the message?

How do you know?

Based on your analysis, identify and explain the barriers that prevented your successful communication in this instance.





Expert's answer

1.     The sender has an idea- I talked to my maths teacher, I wanted him to realize that my group was working really hard on the assignment and that we were tired. It was an effort for the teacher to acknowledge why the assignment was not done as quickly as he expected. I was hoping that he would understand and give us a break for a few minutes to regain our energy and promote efficiency and accuracy.

2.     The sender encodes the idea as a message- I proceeded into the teacher’s office and informed him that we were worn out, hungry, and feel overworked.

3.     Selecting the transmission medium- The message was transmitted by way of talking face to face.

4.     Transmission of the message through a channel. – There wasn’t transition media because it was a face to face conversation.

5.     Receiving the message by the receiver. – The teacher received the message from me.

6.     The receiver decodes the message. - The teacher paid attention as I was talking to him and seemed to understand.

7.     The receiver responds to the message. -  The teacher responded that he thought we did not want to work and that we were lazy.

8.     The receiver sends feedback. - The feedback was that we needed a break from the assignment and to eat a snack.

In this circumstance, the receiver decoded the message incorrectly. The barrier was the mindset. The message transmitted was correct, but it was encoded independent of the word. I thought talking to the teacher; he would understand and take the right steps. However, there existed a mindset barrier between the teacher and me. While I thought my group members were tired and hungry, the teacher thought that the group members were lazy and did not want to work. There was a miscommunication.

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