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Question #151901

Tom is starting university in the fall. He needs a new laptop so that he is ready for all his classes. This is a going to be a big, expensive purchase for Tom, so it is important to him that he makes a good choice. Identify and describe all the steps of the buyer decision process that Tom will go through before and after he decides on his new laptop. At each step, provide an example of what Tom might think or do as he goes through the process of buying a laptop.

Expert's answer

Problem or need recognition-This is the initial phase of the Consumer Decision Process in which the consumer is able to identify what the problem or requirement is and also, what product or kind of product would be able to meet this requirement. For instance, Tom felt the internal stimuli of having a laptop for his education to be smooth and effective.

Information Search- The client or consumer searches for more information of want is required for purchase. For instance, Tom should search for the different types of Laptops and what type should suit him most.

Evaluation of alternatives-the consumer evaluates all the products available on a scale of particular attributes. For instance, Tom should look at the type of course he is going to pursue and select a suitable laptop.

Purchase-During this time, the client develop an intention of the referred brand because he has analyzed alternatives and identified the value that it will bring him. for instance,Tom should now make a purchase of one laptop.

Post-Purchase Behavior-the customer determines whether he is satisfied or not. For example, Tom should now say whether he is happy with the laptop he bought.

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