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explain why key performance areas and strategic control points are important to designing control systems
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Explain why key performance areas and strategic control points are important to designing control systems.
Search for original solutions and ideas currently being through the use the methods of inventive creativity.
However, in the case of industrial activity such tasks also include preparatory
stage, the design and approval of the results, and evaluate the effectiveness
of other types of work. This whole series of interrelated and interdependent
work represents in engineering. Design combines with the work aimed to create a
new brand.
There are many definitions of theterm "design". But most of all by "design" implies almost
activities to meet the new needs of the people. The final result of the project
activity is a project that is documentation package designed to create a
specific object, its operation, maintenance and liquidation, as well as for
checking or playback intermediate and final decisions on the basis of which was
developed this object. The object of the design can be a material object,
performing works, rendering services. When designing a control system we have
to focus on access. We need to limit access to information based on job titles
and the need for information.
Managers face a number of challenges in designing control systems that provide accurate feedback in a timely,
economical fashion that is acceptable to organization members. Most of these
challenges can be traced back to decisions about what needs to be controlled
and how often progress needs to be measured. An analysis that identifies key
performance areas and strategic control points simplifies the process.
Key performance or key result areas(KRAs) are those aspects of the unit or organization that must function effectively
for the entire unit or organization to succeed.
Strategic control points are critical points in a system at which monitoring or
collecting information should occur.
Principles of effective control
1.Effective controls are timely.
2.Control standards should encourage compliance.
3.Setting effective standards is important since they are:
a.Viewed as fair.
b.Observable and measurable.
g.Participative set.
4.Use management by exception.
5.Employees should get fast feedback on performance.
6.Do not overly on control reports.
7.Fit the amount of control to the task.

Strategic control points are those activities that are important for achieving strategic
objectives. In case, when organizations do not have multiple control systems
that focus on strategic control points, they can often experience difficulties
that case managers to re-evaluate their control processes. The purpose of strategic
control points is to protect the profit stream that the business design creates
from the corrosive effects of competition and customer power. In each industry
there are different types of strategic control points that can be identified
within a hierarchy.

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