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Question #159255

1.What do you mean by non probability sampling?

2.what are the advantages and disadvantages of ( please give at least 3 advantages and 3 disadvantages of each of the method)

a)convenience sampling

b)judgement sampling

c)quota sampling

d)snowball sampling

Expert's answer

1.     What do you mean by non-probability sampling?

As the name suggests, this is a type of sampling method in which the given components of the population lack equal chance of participating in a given study. In short the members don’t get equal chances during a study. It is the opposite of probability sampling where all the members get equal opportunities/chances in a given study.

2.     What are the advantages and disadvantages of (please give at least 3 advantages and 3 disadvantages of each of the method)

Convenience sampling


i.                   Cheap

ii.                 Efficient

iii.               Simple to implement.


i.                   Depicts high levels of sampling error.

ii.                 Vulnerable to selection bias

iii.               Studies depict chances of little credibility.

Judgement sampling


i.                   Does not require any special knowledge of statistics

ii.                 Its approach is easily understood

iii.               No time wasting playing along with digits


i.                   No logic to the selection of its sample or the size

ii.                 It is unscientific

iii.               It’s considered to be wasteful since it requires too large samples

Quota sampling


i.                   Has extra information which helps to speed up the sampling process

ii.                 It is time saving

iii.               Has a high level of accuracy since it is considered scientific


i.                   Hard to find the sampling error

ii.                 Issues to do with sampling bias

iii.               Has issues to do with transgender and transsexual issue.

Snowball sampling


i.                   Its process is cheap, simple and cost-efficient

ii.                 As a result of referral process , the researcher is able to reach populations that are said to be difficult to sample

iii.               Needs little planning as compared to other sampling techniques above


i.                   Hard to determine sampling error

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