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Question #15488
Can you do your homework for me? 10 points for the best homework!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
OK, it's english homework, so I need someone who is good at english.

Here is the task description:
Choose a poem in your anthology that is broken up into stanzas and that is one of the poets you are not studying. Focus on a particular stanza and analyze the language technines used by the poet here. How does the language chosen suit the subject and help to communicate the ideas?


Please follow the task description by writing about the language features in the stanza I have chosen and answering the questions in the task description above. Also explain your answers.

The language features to talk about are here: Rhyme - I won't go through this one since everyone knows what rhyme is.

onomatopeia: words that sound like the thing they describe (eg - and the

bicycle ticked, ticked, ticked.) Ticking describes what the bycicles doing.

assonance + consonance-assonance repeats vowel sounds and consonance repeats consonance sounds. (eg - boozy juice)

alliteration-the same sound is repeated at the start of words close to each other (eg-swann, swims).

connotation-the different associations words suggest to the reader, beyond the dictionary suggestion. (eg- plop in river could mean your poo plopping in the toilet!).

And here's the stanza (paragraph) of the poem I've suggested:
And for his mum he hired a private nurse.
And every sunday he went to church.
And he blubbed when she went from bad to worse.
And twice she lifted ten quid from her purse.


Please do your best. If it's too hard for you try a different stanza from a different poem (BTW, this can't be just any old poem it's gotta be from a particular book called reflections).

OK, in case you couldn't do the 1st one following task description, try this one:
And write the poems that will win your heart.
I feel terrific now I've made a start -
I'll have another book before I quit.
I'll work, for now theres new purpose in my art,
And write the poems that will win your heart.


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