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How Pakistan made first Constitution explain in your own words and also write the important clauses of the Constitution?

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How Pakistan Made its First Constitution

A Constitution is defined as the rudimentary principalities through which a nation is administrated. A composition provides rules and regulations for the individuals who agree to live together in a nation. Consequently, a constitution is an excellent rule from which other rules of the country develop. It avails a context to exercise radical supremacy and lawful authority to possess decent power. This paper will discuss how Pakistan made its first Constitution and some crucial clauses of the Constitution.

Pakistan gained independence in 1947. The first article that obliged as a constitution for Pakistan was the Administration of India Act, which was formed in 1935. After assuming responsibility as the Main Minister of Pakistan, Chaudhary Muhammad Ali and his delegates functioned hard to articulate a new constitution. Chaudhary Muhammad’s board was given the duty to formulate the Constitution, which later saw this committee present the draft Bill in the Constituent Assemblage of Pakistan on January 9, 1956. Additionally, the Composition of 1956 was the essential rule of Pakistan from March 1956 till 1958. This Constitution was the initial structure to be accepted by sovereign Pakistan, whereby it encompassed 234 articles, 13 parts, and six schedules (Amir & Ahmad, 2020).

On the other hand, the components of the 1956 constitution provided for the federal structure with the principality of equivalence amongst West Pakistan and East Pakistan. The National Administration was supposed to function as the British Congress. This Constitution also stated that the Centre was capitalized with such supremacy to take independent deeds in times of emergencies, and the Center could impact the regional sovereignty. The Pakistani Constitution of 1956 comprised an essential clause that provided for the congressional system of administration, whereby this clause vested proper decision-making authority in the cabinet, which was cooperatively accountable to the legislature. Subsequently, the Constitution stated that the cabinet was to be chaired by the Major Minister. The structure professed that there would be only one congress identified as the State Assemblage, and fairness amongst the two regions, West Pakistan and East Pakistan, was upheld in this National Assembly (Amir & Ahmad, 2020).

Another significant clause in the 1956 constitution is that acquainted self-governing freedoms and rights, such as liberty of expression and speech, freedom assembly and association, independence of movement, and liberty of profession, were all provided in the Constitution typical qualifications. The composition stated that accustomed human rights such as rights of life, liberty, and property were granted concerning civil rights, with the standard safeguards and qualifications. Furthermore, the judiciary was given supremacy to administer vital rights. The courts of law were to decide whether a particular regulation was objectionable to any necessities of the fundamental truths. Also, as per the 1956 constitution, which was the first composition, Bengali and Urdu were made national dialects (Amir & Ahmad, 2020).

In conclusion, a Constitution is an important document that every country possesses as it helps govern a country. As discussed in this paper, Pakistan underwent various stages in the procedure of formulating its own Constitution. In the future, nations all over the universe should ensure that their constitutions possess clauses or rules that do not oppress citizens.




Amir, S., & Ahmad, F. (2020). Constitutional development and political (in) stability of Pakistan: An analysis since inception of Pakistan till 2018. RMC Journal of Social Science and Humanities, 1(3), pp.14-20. DOI:10.46256/rmcjsochum.v1i3.38


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