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Question #214154

Compare the political parties that form the government of the day in Australia, UK, USA and Fiji from the 70’s onwards? Examine the labour market reforms that those governments implement. Discuss the similarities and differences of the types of government and the labour market reforms of the 4 countries 

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Political Parties That Form the Government

Political parties in the Pacific operate in a dialectical relationship with tradition in a variety of ways. Traditional values can be transformed into political party ideology and used to mobilize support; traditional socio-cultural networks and kinship systems can be invoked to extend and consolidate influence; traditional leadership styles can be used to consolidate support and legitimacy, and political parties frequently use revival of tradition as a party policy to win a majority of votes. These processes frequently have a two-way dynamic between political parties and the community: The community (or various sectors of the community) may utilize political parties for mobilization and legitimacy, and the community (or various sections of the community) may use political parties to suit their own goals. Political parties, being the apogee of political organization and articulation of political problems, serve as a link between the political community and the general public. Because of the importance of tradition through kinship, regional, and tribal loyalty in the Pacific, this is a complicated process.

Labor Market Reforms

·Wages on average- The increasing absence of direct state engagement in enterprise payment methods has been a significant labor market reform in Vietnam over the years.

·Unprotected workers due to globalization - The significance of minimum wages - As previously stated, adjustments in minimum wage rates have aided in implementing labor market reforms. Thailand features a decentralized minimum wage system, with varying minimum wage rates in different regions.

Similarities and Differences of the Types of Government and the Labour Market Reforms

·Elections in Australia are always held on a Saturday. In contrast, every election in the other countries has been held on a Thursday.

·A voter in Australia rates all of the candidates in order of preference. In the United Kingdom, the person who receives the most votes wins the seat, even if they do not receive a majority of the votes.

Similarities and Differences of the Types of Government and the Labour Market Reforms

·Both countries have a prime minister who serves as the country's leader.

·Both countries have a government based on the Crown giving authority to the elected government.


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