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Question #176789

Manifest Destiny: What does this Thomas Paine quote mean? 


What does this John O’ Sullivan quote mean? 


Define manifest destiny 


Why would slavery be a major issue with manifest destiny? 


Election of 1844: Who were the candidates & what did they support?  



Acquiring Oregon: How did the boundary between Oregon & Canada get resolved?  


Mexican Borderlands: Where did Mexico have settlements? 




Why were there calls for independence in California? 


Mexican – American War: What started the conflict in Texas? 


How did Polk respond? Mexican response? 


Where did Polk send Gen. Taylor to defend? 


War Begins: What advantages did both sides possess? 



What town did Gen. Kearny capture & where did he march next? 


Describe the Wilmont Provis


Expert's answer

Manifest destiny means that America was destined.

Expansion of the U.S territories justified the forceful relocation on the Native Americans and other people.

James K. Polk defeated Whig Henry Clay in a close contest turning on the controversial issues of slavery and the annexation of the Republic of Texas. 

The two nations also agreed to a joint occupation of Oregon territory for 10 years, an arrangement that was extended for an additional 10 years in 1827.

  1. Rio Grande
  2. Nueces River
  3. Corpus Christi

It was an initiative of the Constitutional Amendment and Statute. ” Petition summary". 

The conflict was started because of the Texas Revolution

Polk now turned the entirety of his attention toward Mexico.

The Rio Grande border

Slavery did not become a moral cause of the Union effort until Lincoln announced the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863.

Fort Leavenworth. Kearny was next ordered to Mexico, where he served as military commander at Veracruz and later at Mexico City until an attack of yellow fever ended his career.

The Wilmot Proviso was an unsuccessful 1846 proposal in the United States Congress to ban slavery in territory acquired from Mexico in the Mexican–American War. The conflict over the Wilmot Proviso was one of the major events leading to the American Civil War.

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