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Question #172308

Please answer any four of the questions below in a complete paragraph (3+ sentences)

  • We are all familiar with the expression “history repeats itself”. Fact is history can repeat in a good way as well as in a bad way. Drawing from an occurrence of the moment, the George Floyd incident, definitely a bad repeat of history; do we see a parallel in what is happening to the environment and gains made on environmental issues of concern?

  • Do we believe that we have contained the scourge of pollutants today if we reflect on past struggles? why?

  • After seeing some of the rather few evidences presented on climate change; what are our views about climate change; is it real or is it imagined/fabricated? why?

  • Would you agree that plastic pollution is the next big environmental problem to emerge in our time or do you think the problem is overblown? and why?
Expert's answer

The idea of environmental racism was devised in the USA in the early 1980s. The concept entails any practice which leads to an unequal distribution of environmental (pollution) burdens amid diverse groups of people, with race being the most solid determinant. George Floyd was killed by the police due to environmental racism. It took Floyd a few minutes to die. His life was shortened faster than ours. Ours is shortening slowly but surely. 

Nowadays, we have been able to minimize cases of pollution compared to past struggles. Both science and technology have created methods and strategies, including treating pollutants. People are sensitive to the environment in terms of behaviors and actions. Hence, the world will be a better place than we find it.

Climate change is real and getting worse, namely the rate of retreat in glaciers, the increase of rainfall events, vicissitudes in the timing of the leafing out of plants and the arrival of spring migratory birds, and the shifting of some species. Therefore, we need to protect our climate to support life.

Plastic pollution is the next biggest environmental problem. Polluting plastics affect the world's tiniest organisms. When these creatures become poisoned as a result of plastic ingestion, this causes problems for the larger animals that depend on them for food. Hence we, need to curb the problem before it overblows. 

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