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Question #194510

As online education is becoming the ‘new normal’, many colleges and universities are striving to enhance the learning experience of their learners. Yet, students’ engagement remains one of the most challenging aspects of online education.

Discuss the above and provide your own opinion on the matter.

·     Write from 300 to 500 words.

·     Provide at least two in text citations.

·      List your references at the end of the essay. 

Expert's answer

The whole educational system from elementary to tertiary level has been collapsed education system.

Effectiveness, Benefits and Downsides of E-Learning

Through its complex characteristics and diverse features, E-learning can enhance the educational

process. However, in order to positively influence collaboration and performance, teachers and students

must know how to effectively integrate it into the teaching and learning process. The effectiveness

of E-learning is determined, according to Tham and Werner, by three elements: institution—which

refers to teachers knowing how to use the tools in order to enhance learning, how to interact with

students and create a comfortable learning environment and how to creatively bring students closer and

capture their attention, students—that may feel isolated because of the absence of physical colleagues,

a case in which teachers should know how to establish connections and relationships with them,

and technology.

Regarding online learning, comparative studies of face to face and online learning provided

results that support its effectiveness in the educational field. Studies showed that when E-learning was

applied, students were able to assimilate information as well as, or even better than students studying

in the traditional way and that online learning proved to be effective especially in the case of shy,

easily intimidated, and slow learning students who usually do not have the courage to speak up and

express themselves in the classroom .

Different from face-to-face learning, E-learning gained popularity mainly because of its flexibility

in delivering education and accessing content and resources [51]. Thus, E-learning has great importance

in the E-learning process for it has the ability to improve its quality, offering the possibility to personalize

and adapt courses to the needs of the learners [22]. Due to its flexibility, E-learning eliminates barriers

of space and time, the user can have access to a wide range of information, it facilitates collaboration,

allows students to learn in their own rhythm, it motivates them to interact with their peers, discuss and

exchange points of view and ideas other studies mention as benefits the fact that online learning

is faster, it saves time and money because it does not involve traveling , and the uploaded content

is consistent and can be easily updated ]. Furthermore, while studying the perception of students

and teachers about E-learning, Al-Dosari found that from benefits such as accessibility, focus on the

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