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In terms of age, standard of living and love, how does social class affect romantic relationships? How does age affect? Should it be given consideration in choosing your life partner? If you are asked, should there be a gauge or yardstick on choosing a life partner? Yes or no? Explain your answer through developing a meaningful essay.

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They are numerous factors that affect and hinder a romantic relationship that includes gender norms, parenting styles, age, and the partners' social class. Therefore, social class has been viewed to be one of the significant factor and the roots which lead to romantic relations to fail. Therefore, the notion that social status is solely a product of a particular effort and that lower-class individuals don't know how to be any nicer seems to have been a problematic context for a marriage between people who had different opportunities growing up. In certain marriages, an upper-class spouse encouraging a lower-class partner to do better in school or prestigious jobs would be a double conflict.

              Because of their social classes, some couples maintained separate groups of mates, and many had difficulty fitting into each other's families. Lower-class partners were irritated by upper-class partners' easy-come-easy-go spending, while upper-class partners were irritated by lower-class partners' easy-come-easy-go spending. It's difficult to explain those economic realities to someone who has never been poor; People with a technical white-collar experience have a natural desire to run things. They deserve to be in charge of overseeing, planning and organizing. Their mates, who are from blue-collar or working-class families, are more likely to choose to go with the tide. They let life come to them and are unencumbered by self-imposed limitations.

              Subsequently, age is also a factor and has a huge impact and effect on romantic relationships; however, some findings show that age-gap partners experience higher levels of relationship satisfaction. These couples often seem to have more confidence and loyalty and less jealousy than couples with comparable ages. About three-quarters of couples with younger women and older men claim their intimate affairs are fulfilling. Therefore, the external obstacles for age difference relationships are dependent on how people view them, and the internal challenges are based on how individuals cope with various life phases. The silver lining is that surveys show that couples who work across age gaps have higher marriage satisfaction than couples of equal ages by recognizing that the problems are caused by an age gap rather than a broken relationship.

              Therefore, choosing a life partner should be considered as people have different criteria and factors to base on or have desires on what their partner should have. For example; It's impossible to live your life with someone who doesn't value you, your attitude, or your life goals. If you're looking for a life partner, make sure you choose someone who can value all facets of your life. One of the essential qualities to look for in a life partner is mutual respect. Henceforth People live in a world that values years above happiness while determining the success of a marriage. Quotes on how the young generation gives up on marriages rather than putting in the effort required to make a marriage or long-term partnership succeed are circulated on social media. Find someone with whom you can quickly communicate. It's crucial to choose someone with whom you can quickly start up a conversation. You won't get bored doing stuff and learning about them together if you do it this way. in conclusion age and social class affect romantic relationships adversely.

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