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Question #191333

Discuss four reasons why you would assess a child's motor ability

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Physical, emotional, cognitive, language, and social development are all aspects of human development. As the child gets older, these domains become more and more skillful.

Gross motor skills and fine motor skills are two types of physical development. Gross motor skills are those that require the coordination of large muscles to walk, run, jump, sit, and other activities. Fine motor skills involve the use of smaller muscles to move fingers in order to write, draw, stitch, and so on.

Many childhood evaluations use developmental milestones to monitor a child's progress toward a stable and normal adulthood. Significant delays in ability acquisition are indicative of underlying problems that would necessitate formal evaluations for an illness or disease diagnosis.

1) The Babinski effect and the Moro reflex are measured in newborn children. The emergence of the Babinski effect, which causes toes to curl when touched on the soles of the feet, as well as the absence of the Moro reflex, which causes the arms to flail in response to a sudden sound or movement, indicate neurological defects in the newborn.

2) A child's motor milestones, such as the failure to sit up on their own or rolling over, can be delayed by 7-8 months. This will necessitate further investigation to see whether there are any cognitive issues as well. A more thorough examination may reveal developmental disabilities or cerebral palsy.

c) A motor skills evaluation is also essential to rule out any deformities in limb development, structure, or symmetry. This will have an effect on their ability to travel in the future.

d) Motor evaluation will also aid in assessing the cause of such delays, whether hereditary, during delivery, or due to developmental factors.

Interventions tailored to the child's developmental needs will aid in the acquisition of skills.

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