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Question #176121

Write am essay not more than 700 words on the topic WHAT IS LIFE?

In this essay,you must talk about the following:

  1. What is life
  2. What does life mean to you?
  3. Have you had an experience that made you think about the meaning of life?
  4. What kinds of things can you do to cherish and invigorate your own life and all life on earth?
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Historically, from Charles Darwin’s theory, human is said to have evolved from ape-like creatures. History explains the existence of life two million years ago in Africa when the first beings emerged. History however does not explain the interactions between life forms that lead to the emergence of humans (Burkhardt, 2019). Science and the chemical evolution theory explain life to have originated from a combination of simple substances like hydrogen and lightning to form complex life forms. Christianity on the other hand believes life originated from God who is a supernatural being. Combining the theories of evolution, therefore, raises the question of what life is.

 All the descriptions trickle down to the existence of life form as the difference between plants, animals, and inorganic matter. These variables include the ability to move and reproduce and many other biological processes that are not possessed by the inorganic matter. Life is a reality it is how you live, what you do, life is what you make it, it’s something you live and experience.

Life to me is achieving my purpose. The satisfaction of achieving my purpose and defining life on my terms. This purpose depends on different contexts, by getting wealth and living a happy life is a fulfilment, the flexibility and freedom of choice and doing what matters, close connection to God and achievement of a fulfilling life after passing away, a pure heart and the ability to unite with God, living fully and not having to struggle. With this comes peace of mind, tranquillity, and calmness. The ability to further distinguish right from wrong, what shapes the scope and the way we live. This knowledge is important as it reflects the kind of life one can live in the future and adjust wherever possible. Life furthermore is finding a way to further impact the lives of other people around us and helping each other in their times of need. 

Life is what you live, the experiences and challenges are what define who we are, the reactions to these challenges are what shapes the scope of our living and the expectations. Poverty, illnesses, all these frustrations that life brings along in the process further has an impact on the purpose of life (Canal, Garcia-Gonzalez & Garamszegi., 2021). These factors make one question the essence of life. Poverty makes one question the purpose of life, not getting what one want, the social status of one also determines the position and class in the society, what you can get access to, and what belongs to which group. The outbreak of diseases like the COVID 19 has changed the way of life and further put human life forms at risk. Losing my family member and colleague from diseases like HIV and AIDS is traumatizing and all these made me define life in my way, a painful passage that occurs and no one has control over.

All the actions aimed at making life better narrows down to how we define ourselves. Love family and friends unconditionally, play some music, stay healthy, and taking care and maintaining a close relationship with everyone around us and all other life forms including plants and animals. Plants support human life, they provide food, the trees beautify the environment and purify the air thus need care, working hard and meeting targets regardless of the conditions, accept situations the way they come and the things we cannot. All my efforts are aimed towards achieving the ultimate purpose in life. Make friends go out on dates, and do everything that makes us happy, painting pictures, writing poems, drawing, nature, and its beauty.


Life is a reality, it's a race, and everyone is on its path, no matter how you start but how you end it when the curtains finally fall and the life after death.


Burkhardt, F. (2019). The Correspondence of Charles Darwin (Vol. 5–7). Cambridge University Press.

Canal, D., Garcia-Gonzalez, F., & Garamszegi, L. Z. (2021). Experimentally constrained early reproduction shapes life history trajectories and behaviour. Scientific Reports11(1), 1-12.


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