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Question #167332

. ”Interpersonal communication is as old as the human race”. Giving clear and relevant examples, discuss the importance of interpersonal communication as a tool used to exchange ideas between the teaching staff and students from higher learning institutions eg. (10 MARKS).

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1.     To make a concept clear

In a classroom environment, certain points may appear difficult for the students to grasp. However, the instructor may enhance his/her teaching techniques with the use of effective communication skills that would clarify the concept faster.

2.     Create effective links

The student creates the link between the instructor and the parent. Similarly, the teacher may as well be a link between the student and the parent. Students and teachers may enhance these links through the effective application of good communication skills.

3.     To solve conflict

Good communicational skills play a major role in solving conflicts in a school environment. The conflict may range from student to student conflict to a teacher to student conflict. In such a scenario school leaders need to effectively apply communication skills to solve the conflict.


4.     To kill the communicative gap

In some scenarios, some students may be more social than others. It is through the application of good communication skills that instructors can even reach the minds of the introverted type of students. Good communication skills make the students not appear left out by the instructor.

5.     Keep the classroom environment lively

To maintain an effective classroom environment where students react to arising situations, provide feedback and generate knowledge out of the topic there is a need for the application of good communication skills. Students find instructors with good communication skills interesting hence learning becomes enjoyable.

6.     To create bonds

From ancient times, one way to create bonds within the human race was through communication. Similarly, effective communication and application of communication skills promote bonds among students and instructors as well.

7.     To understand students Individually

As an instructor or teacher one cannot understand the individual standing of each student. However, through the use of good communication skills, the teacher may begin to have an understanding of his/her students on an individual level which may boost performance and attitude.

8.     To communicate efficiently

The application of both verbal and non-verbal cues makes communication not only interesting but to the point. This makes communication more efficient among the students and teachers. For instance, learn to apply emotions to their conversations.

9.     To enhance learning

Good communication skills in the school environment help create room for further study on a certain subject. For instance, a teacher may never understand which topic is misunderstood by the learners. However, the application of various communication skills may create unique interests and open doors for further learning.

10. To Motivate

In a school environment, motivation plays a major role in ensuring students focus on goals. Nonetheless, motivation can only be effective if it properly reaches the mind of the targeted audience. The application of effective communication skills makes the motivation talks effective and clear for students.

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