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Question #155482

Buriously describe the naked women’s role in the battle royale scenes and analyze how her situation is parallel to the protagonist in the context of power dynamics

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The naked women’s role in the battle royale scenes creates a hypnotic effect. Most suprisingly, her features express a strong perspiration of glistening wonder:

-Like her attractiveness and charm, she manifests the structure of that society. She stands as a power, so desired, so fragile yet placed and presented, abused and mistreated by individuals in positions of influence. The beauty of this woman represents the privileges that come with positions of power which so many desire. Even the black men in their dreams to liberate themselves, can only stand and watch as the white men make merry of what they (the whites have).  They lustfully reach their hands to touch her and even in the process fall her to the floor. It’s as if she is some trophy, some treasure, some gold on a peddle stool that they can’t and will never reach and they are not even worth staring at. At the same time they are subjected to look at it because it should probably remind them of their place, their status, their hopelessness and their weaknesses of not being able to reach it.

-She manifests the greedy and undisciplined nature of the drunken white men who abuse their positions of power to sexually torture and ridicule the black boys. They are subjected to commands that contradict and embarrass them to the amusement of the white men. To these white men, black men don’t have rights, they follow the commands given to them because the whites are a superior race to theirs and therefore the black boys obediently present themselves in a ballroom full of white men who hurl all sorts of insults at them. The abuses and ridicule is also meant to inflict low self-esteem on their attitudes and scare any thought from regarding otherwise.

-The woman's presence also expresses the selfish pursuits of rich men who manifest no regard to the feelings and rights of other individuals. Any attempt to seek liberation is met with hostility and would lead to severe punishment. It also at some point depicts how this selfishness leads to conflict and alliances between the rich to achieve their interests. When she gets away from them, it can explain the manner in which power when abused and handled irresponsibly can slip away from the wrong hands.

Her situation is parallel to the protagonist in the context of power dynamics. Through her, one is able to discover the doubts and confusions of the narrator. He exhibits mixed emotions about her. As he feels hatred and scorn towards her, he is also strongly attracted to her, her features and he cannot help but stare all over her body as if studying every inch of her. For a moment he wants to get away from the scene, to disappear because of the strange effect that she has on him but at the same time, he wants to cover her from his eyes and everyone else’s, to take her, touch her, destroy her yet love her, murder her and hide from her. These are thoughts of the narrator who stands confused about this woman then in amazement she looks at him like she doesn’t know him. For a moment the narrator forgets his present state or rather predicament; a royal battle ahead of his anticipated presentation of a speech. In a moment the reader is able to picture the narrator’s reaction at a close glimpse of power considering his troubled thoughts about his grandfather’s last words. He is to take after him and not make the same mistakes he did. He then makes an attempt to save the woman from the hungry claws of the white men.

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