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Question #107150
Read the following statements.State wether each statement is True or False and give a reason for your answer
(a) Language as a system of rules means that there is a set of rules that applies to all languages,however ,the rules exclude orthography.
(b)The study of sound pattern in a language is known as phonetics.
(c) Pragmatics can be best be described as the actual words used in oral or written Language.
(d) Multilingualism and multiculturalism in South Africa has led to more than one English variety.
Expert's answer

A. False. Orthology involves a set of conventions for writing a language.

B. True. Phonetics is the study of speech sounds.

C. True. Pragmatics involve how words are used.

D. False. Multilingualism and multiculturalism have led to different languages in South Africa.

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Based on how you learned your home language, do you agree with Pinker’s 1994 claim that every individual has the natural ability to learn a language? Give two reasons (1)In your own words explain the following terms : south African standard language English, jargon and slang

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