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Question #106608
In the Extended Response Activity for The Crucible, Act II, you analyzed the effect of the setting (Elizabeth and John Proctor’s home) on the aesthetic impact of the drama. Consider the setting in Act III. Explain how this setting in the courtroom changes the atmosphere and contributes to the meaning and impact of the drama.
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The setting of the act is against the backdrop of the witch hunts and the witch trials in Salem, Massachusetts in the late 17th century. Francis Nurse, Giles Corey, and John Proctor enter into the courtroom trying to protect their loved ones who have been accused of witchcraft. This establishes a very intense feeling in the Act because people's lives are at stake. It also helps to enhance a confrontational atmosphere. The reader absorbs the feeling that sides are beginning to be drawn. Francis Nurse confronts the judges over what he sees as unfair accusations. He is rebuked and is forced to relent. Giles Corey insists that men like Thomas Putnam financially benefits from taking advantage of those who are accused of witchcraft. Corey's direct challenges to the court help to increase the contentious atmosphere of the entire Act. He is taken to jail when he refuses to remain silent. When Proctor directly challenges the court with bringing Mary Warren to the stand and also discrediting Abigail, the atmosphere reaches its zenith of confrontation. Sides are clearly established and it becomes clear that only one side will emerge victorious. Since the story is based on the true story, then the setting is real.

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Analyze the impact of Arthur Miller’s use of direct and indirect characterization in The Crucible, Act III.

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