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Understand the functional difference between a ‘Choke Valve Assembly’ and a ‘Throttle Valve Assembly’.
what is arithematic sequence ?
Briefly describe the error log and general query log in MySQL.

Please send the answer of this question in 400 words. Please
A tennis player wishes to return the ball so it just passes over the top of
the net at a point where the net is 1.0 m high. He can return the ball at a
speed of 14 ms-1
from a position that is 0.4 m vertically below the top of
the net and is 8.0 m from the point where he intends the ball to cross the
a. At what angles to the horizontal could the player strike the ball in
order to do this?
b. In each case what will be the total horizontal distance travelled by
the ball before it strikes the ground on the other side of the net?
c. Without further calculation, sketch the trajectories in each case.
Describe three common misconceptions about lift
Q1) What are HTML logical tags? Explain all the logical tags.

Q2) Define XSL-FO.

Please send the answer of this 2 question in 400 words. Please
Draw the diagram of TCP/IP protocol suit. Explain network interface layer and internet layer.
(The answer is 400 words).
Explain all the steps of running the beanbox.
Identify three main types of Carburettor and with the aid of labelled sketches, explain how they work.
Figure shows a block of mass m resting on a 20∘ slope. The block has coefficients of friction 0.81 and 0.45 with the surface. It is connected via a massless string over a massless, frictionless pulley to a hanging block of mass 2.0 kg.
If this minimum mass is nudged ever so slightly, it will start being pulled up the incline. What acceleration will it have?
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