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C# – Q&A


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Many students face the C# problems while studying the programming languages. They try to solve all of them themselves but at the end they usually come to grief. They have more and more C# questions left without an answer. That’s the moment when the best thing to do is to address your C# problems to our helping center and finally calm down. We will provide you with the C# answers in the shortest period of time and promise that they will be of the highest quality. Don’t be in despair anymore – let us find solutions for your C# problems!

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I need proper syntax to get the price from my inventory table and use it in calculations. Here is the method I have so far but I don't know where to start with the calculation.
public void btnItemEnter_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
/**This event handler will look up the item and get the description
* and the price to display into the lstItemsSold box. It will also
* keep a running total in the total labels while calculatin taxes**/
// double price;
//double tax = 0.07;
//double subtotal = price + tax;
String Item = txtItem.Text;

SqlConnection Sql = new SqlConnection("Data Source=. SAMANTHAWHITAKE\\MYSQL2012; Integrated Security=true");
string ItemNumber = "SELECT ItemNumber * FROM Inventory";
SqlCommand getRecord = new SqlCommand(ItemNumber, Sql);
SqlDataReader invRecord = getRecord.ExecuteReader();
if (Item.Equals(getRecord))
string LineItem = "SELECT ItemNumber, ItemName, ItemPrice * FROM Inventory WHERE ItemNumber = '" + Item + "'";
SqlCommand getLine = new SqlCommand(LineItem, Sql);
SqlDataReader invLine = getLine.ExecuteReader();
while (invLine.Read())


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What is the diff between abstraction and abstract?I need an answer with an example

In Progress...
I am doing a program for school, and I need help.

So basically, this is a test program for science. There is the choice of Chemistry, Biology and Physics. When you click on them, you are taken to another form where the question is asked. When the user answer's the question right, I want him to be taken to another question without the use of another form. How can I accomplish this?
In Progress...
The application should be able to count the number of automobile parts sold every week
depending upon the number of new entries of parts in the application. If a part is not sold for
more than six months after its date of manufacture, the application should prompt a message,
"Urgent Sale Required"
In Progress...
The development team of SoftSols Inc. has revamped the software according to the requirements
of FlyHigh Airlines and is in the process of testing the software. While testing the software, the
team encounters the following issues:
The operations-related data of FlyHigh Airlines is stored in a central database. The software
fails to respond to user inputs, if there is a connectivity problem with the database. Add the code
snippet that the development team should use to ensure that the application shows a userfriendly
message, if such a situation arises in future.[5 Marks]
The application used to calculate the cost of carrying additional luggage results in erroneous
amount, if the weight of the luggage is a fractional number. Help the development team modify
the code snippet so that the cost of carrying additional luggage is calculated correctly. [5 Marks]
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using console application, develop an interactive application that can assit a user to learn a multiple table program. the user can choose any number to start with,no database is required on this program and all errors should properly handled.
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write two programs for encoding and decoding the text below:
“The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”
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I need to create a logon script that creates two registry keys with the following values for each PC (P+IPAddress) & (S+IPAddress), I created the following .reg file:


But I have entered these values my self, I need a script that creates a combined value (Letter + The last 3digits of the IP Address of the PC where this script runs).

I highly appreciate it if someone can help me on this.
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a GUI program that should perform the basic operations upon the data List-view save, update and cancel using C#
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I have parts produced and parts rejected options in my app. My client gave me a condition to put:

At any time parts rejected should not be less than the parts produced
You should be able to save even if the parts produced is 0*
What do I need to put the condition there to make it successful?

Parts produced/rected those are textbox names

the data in the textboxes we can select it from database
now i have the condition like

if (partProduced <= _runtime.PartsRejected)
errorMessage.Append("Parts rejected should not be greater than or equal to parts produced." + Environment.NewLine);

this is the condition i have now i need to change it as my client requirement
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