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Economics of Enterprise – Q&A


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Associated Technologies Co. has been working on a new product, a laser oven, through its well-known division that already markets microwave ovens. Unfortunately the company has just learned that an overseas competitor is also developing a laser oven and plans to bring it to market in six months. If Associated Technologies is to capture a large share of the market first its product must be out within 81 days. Fortunately, Associated has been taking an integrated approach to new product development and most pieces are already in place. After considering every possible reduction in time the company came up with the following activities that have to be completed with their respective times and overtime costs. The company will gain additional profits of $10,000 per day if the product is marketed before 83 days.

Prepare a CPM/PERT chart and determine project duration based on normal project duration (using Normal Time)
Prepare a CPM/PERT chart and determine the shortest time this project can be completed taking (using Crash Time).
Use project crashing technique and calculate the net extra profit the company will make by completing the project in the minimum number of days rather that the normal number of days (remember to subtract the total crash cost from the extra profit to find the net extra profit).
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When estimating a demand function, explain why fitting a line of best fit through observed price and quantity combinations over time is not likely to yield good estimates.
I dousing a supply and demand graph, how would I cap prices on an item?
1.Assumptions of Law of Demand
Suppose the following data represent the market demand for college education:
Tuition (per year) $1,000 $2,000 $3,000 $4,000 $5,000 $6,000 $7,000 $8,000
Enrollment demanded 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
(In millions per year)
(a) If tuition is set at $3,000, how many students will enroll?
Now suppose that society gets an external benefit of $1,000 for every enrolled student.
(b) Draw the social and market demand curves for this situation on the graph below.
(c) What is the socially optimal level of enrollment at the same tuition price of $3,000?
(d) How large of a subsidy is needed to achieve this optimal outcome?
Audra acquires the following new five-year class property in 2011:

Asset Acquisition Date Cost
A January 10 $106,000
B July 5 $70,000
C November 15 $250,000
Total $426,000

Audra elects § 179 for Asset C. Audra's taxable income from her business would not create a limitation for purposes of the § 179 deduction. If Congress reenacts additional first-year depreciation for 2010, Audra elects not to take additional first-year depreciation. Determine her total cost recovery deduction (including the § 179 deduction) for the year.
Homer (age 68) and his wife Jean (age 70) file a joint return. They furnish all of the support of Luther (Homer's 90-year-old father), who lives with them. For 2011, they received $6,000 of interest income on city of Chicago bonds and interest income on corporate bonds of $48,000. Compute Homer’s and Jean's taxable income for 2011.
Evan is employed as an assistant manager in the furniture division of a national chain of department stores. He is a recent college graduate with a degree in marketing. During 2011, he enrolls in the evening MBA program of a local university and incurs the following expenses: tuition, $4,300; books and computer supplies, $900; transportation expense to and from the university, $350; and meals while on campus, $300. Evan is single and his annual AGI is less than $65,000. Regarding these expenses, what are Evan's:

I. Deductions for AGI?

II. Deductions from AGI?
using Windows Explorer. However, she finds it cumbersome to browse to each individual folder to
view the desired details. Therefore, she asks Hayley to modify the application to accept the name
of a folder and display the following details of the files located in the folder:
File name
File size
File creation date
Write the code that Hayley should write to create the desired file information viewer application.
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Howard Bowen is a large-scale cotton farmer. The land and machinery he owns has a current market value of $4 million. Bowen owes his local bank $3 million. Last year, Bowen sold $5 million worth of cotton. His variable operating costs were $4.5 million; accounting depreciation was $40,000, although the actual decline in value of Bowen’s machinery was $60,000 last year. Bowen paid himself a salary of $50,000, which is not considered part of his variable operating costs. Interest on his bank loan was $400,000. If Bowen worked for another farmer or a local manufacturer, his annual income would be about $30,000. Bowen can invest any funds that would be derived, if the farm sold, to earn 10 percent annually. (Ignore taxes.)
a. Compute and interpret Bowen’s accounting profits.

b. Compute and interpret Bowen’s economic profits.
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