Last Days College Preparation

Last Days College Preparation

Summer is, unfortunately, almost over but it’s high time you thought about the prospectives the new studying year can bring. Don’t get mad or anxious with the idea that you know nothing about the place, where you gonna stay for the next several years, there’s no point in it as there are lots of freshmen same as you. The things you may want to know are what else is necessary to do and what to start with.

There’s a really huge list of tasks to complete before college starts and some of them have already exhausted you too much. However, we recommend a set of tips to spend last days of the summer creatively while making the last preparations.

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1. Save money. First and foremost, while you’re planning, put some money aside to your (new?) reserve stock not to face bankruptcy during the first college days when you’ll need to buy lots of things. If you haven’t any money by the end of the summer, that’s a problem, but better borrow from your parents than from friends, since your relatives can forgive a loan or wait for a looong time for their money to be returned unlike pushy (and same beggar) group mates.

2. Spend time with family. Even if you’ve spent a lot of time with them during your vacation, gather them one more time to have really good time. Just believe, in college you’ll really miss them. Don’t let anything be untold or misunderstood.

3. Buy supplies. Yup, it’s high time. Pens and pencils, notebooks, stickers, etc., everything is ready to be in your backpack, so take your friends, get to the nearest sales and better buy more. The prices around the college may differ and you may lose some money on extra clips or whatever you can forget to buy these days. Besides, use your equipment from the previous year; don’t throw them away if the highlighters are not that bright anymore.


4. Take some time to revise. You’re lucky if you read our article how not to forget everything over summer break, but if not, don’t get upset, you won’t (supposedly) immediately be punished in college for the things you don’t remember. Just memorize the key ideas in each subject from your previous year. In any case, if you stuck with something at the beginning of the new studying year, we’ll help you to do any homework and provide explanations in any subject. And hey, start noting down the events you’d like to include to your “How I spent my summer vacation” essay. You may not be assigned with that stuff, but you should be prepared. At least, it is always nice to recall pleasant moments from previous months.

5. Create separate e-mail for college issues. Not to mix up your private correspondence will the college one and not to miss something important, you need a reliable address which you can also access to from your smartphone anytime. It’ll prevent you from “Oh, I’ve forgotten bout the test!” and “What is the format of this essay, dude?”

6. Choose extracurriculars. Study your college website and pick activities you’re interested in right away. Somebody can steal your chance a moment later, so hurry up! Apart from this, there are quite a few other useful things that you may want to discover before the first day of college:

7. Visit your doctors and take their phone numbers. Take all necessary medications with  you, recipes of drugs (if needed) and ensure you know the basic rules of the first aid.

8. Learn recipes of easy dishes which can be cooked from healthy products and products at hand. Find the cheapest and the quickest ways to prepare them; YouTube cooking channels will definitely help you with that.

9. Start watching several new TV shows and best movies of 2015 to have more topics to discuss with your group mates. Moreover, they can save you from a bad mood in case you get upset and nostalgic.

10. Start creating a resume. Now, create a new document and let’s get started. Write down the main information about you and the contacts. And the important point here will be to indicate your education, which you’ll fill in with your current institution. If you had a summer job, put it down. Any part-time jobs or tutoring? Mention every detail! Now you’re start searching for a serious job.

You see, here are just 10 easy steps to get ready to the new studying year, so don’t miss the opportunity to polish the details. Good luck!

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