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If you’re studying computer science you’ve probably already have completed a lot of programming homework, including Java, or it’s just around the corner. If you don’t, well, sure you’re also using Java codes in everyday life, not even having the faintest clue about that. Ok, let us start with some history.

Java was first introduced in 1995 year by the “Sun Microsystems” company. Java programming language is considered to be a c++ “child”. Its main advantage is that it does not “bind” itself to any operating system.
Java source code is translated to special byte code, translatable by a virtual machine on any operating system. Such languages are called cross-platform languages. Java is considered to be most popular because of it’s wide implementable and cross-platform supported.
Let’s dig up some details on those features.

Wide implementable:

If you have an Android-based phone, you see Java every day.

  • Waking up your phone? Hello Java!
  • Calling your friend? Hello Java!
  • Typing a message? Hello Java!
  • Using Google maps? Hello Java!
  • Playing “Angry Birds” or any other game from play Market? Hello Java!

Do not have any android devices and thinking that Java will let you do that easily? Not so fast!!
Working in the bank and using the corporate soft? Hello Java!
Like facebook, google, twitter and other web giants? Hello Java!

Cross-platform supporting implies that you do not need to re-write the source code for a specific operating system. Suppose you’ve done your Java homework at home where you have, say, Windows Vista. Ok, now your friend asks you for help with Java programming assignment and you want to show him your program and he’s using Linux. The point is that working code is exactly the same regardless of you using Windows, Mac Os, Linux, or any other operating system. So you can just send the code to your friend without any updates. The only thing he needs to do is to install the Java Virtual machine on his computer.

Doing Java is great if you’re programming adept or at least you have enough time to go through all the details. Otherwise, it’s better to engage the experts in going to your assignment. In such case, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the work. One of our customers shared his feedback on java homework assignment ordered at our website:

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Doing Java programming is fun! Here is a collection of funny source code comments, shared by developers all over the world.


Don’t forget to comment your java code, it’s mostly very useful and comes in handy when you, say, reread it after some time or share with your friends.

More funny java here: https://www.javacodegeeks.com/2011/10/weird-funny-java.html

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Latashia Blackburn
Latashia Blackburn
7 years ago

Very nice & informative post. I’m student of computer science, It’s detailed and very clear. I love that statement “Doing Java programming is fun!”. Thanks for sharing this amazing post.

Taylor das
Taylor das
6 years ago

Students know the importance of completing their programming homework correctly.So, they always try to do their best.But they think, their need programming homework help for doing well.So, programming homework is very important.