College Christmas Gifts for Geeks

Christmas gifts for geeks

Wait do you hear that? Is that Ho ho ho from Santa? (or from the teacher setting your finals?) Anyway, you’re probably decorating your dorm right now or taking a shopping walk in anticipation of Christmas. There are a lot of things for students to do on holidays, and little time to get prepared because of finals. Probably you won’t argue that Christmas tree is a must-have. If you still don’t have one, pick one of our geeky tree ideas. Another thing is gifts. And that’s something to think about! Check our list of best Christmas gifts for geeks and pick some ideas for your friends and family.

Christmas gifts for geeks and Everyone else

Bet, some of you are ready with presents to your friends and family members. Gifts choice is often not easy, especially if your friends are geeks. We gathered best geek-related ideas for you to simplify your Christmas preparation process:

–  A set of science glasses 

So that your friends could learn while drink, haha. Those also can be thematic, decorated with math formulas, constellations and so on.

Anti-stress zombie virus rubber ball

If you’re thinking of a little gift for college friend, this is the best choice. Finals are over and it’s time to relax and forget about all the stress you’ve been through. They come in different colors and look like zombie virus or something like that.

Rubber ball

Light blocks

Who wouldn’t like those?

light blooks

Coffee/ tea cup warmer

Every college student, programmer,… should have this! Cold coffee no more. Just plug it into USB port and enjoy hot drink while studying. Perfect choice for all-nighters, by the way.

Cup warmer

USB drinks cooler

Yes, that’s it! Now you can have fridge by computer and long gaming sessions don’t imply warm Cola anymore.

Flying/running alarm clock

Probably, Every student have overslept study at least once. Getting early is one of the major troubles and causes for missed classes. You get to learn your alarm clock song and your brain turns it into lullaby, so you continue sleeping, or at least learn to turn it off half-asleep. This all gets impossible if your alarm runs away! The best choice for sleepy college friends this year. There are lots of variations available, for example check this secret agent handgun piece.

Brain-shaped candle

Brain candle

This would be great for your friends-biologists. Looking like brain stored in formaldehyde, this candle will create trully atmosphere of geek party.. or just add some abnormality into minimallistic dorm room.


No surprise, geeks love books! The thing is to make a proper choice. Your science-addicted friend will be delighted to get a long desired monograph or collection of academic articles in his or her field of expertise.

Books for Christmas

Osmo game accessory for ipad

If you need to get some presents for your younger brother/sister or you already have nephews, here’s Osmo game accessory for ipad. Besides, with this stuff you’ll learn how to gather around an ipad and have fun together with your family or friends. New hi-tech approach to already familiar board games.

Osmo game accessory

Custom-made greeting cards

Have no idea what to present your relatives with? Mom-Dad-Granny greetings appear to be difficult, moreover no matter what you bring them, their present always appears to be bigger, smarter, cooler, more expensive and so on (unless they present you with ugly Christmas sweater). In any case, one of the ideas for such presents can be a simple greeting card. For example, you can order your own photo turned into the real greeting card from many services, try this for instance.

Check out some Christmas gifts ideas for peers if none of the above fits.

After finding all the gifts you also need to wrap them nicely. Do it geeky way as well. Chose one of geek wrapping papers available.

Geek wrapped present

Nooo! One more ugly sweater!

Now, if you’ve already got an ugly sweater for Christmas, it’s reason to organize Ugly Sweater Party. Take your friends to participate in the event, tell them to wear the most ridiculous Christmas sweaters (yeah, those with Santa Claus, Christmas tree, deer, cat in hat, etc.). What else could you do this night? Make (or buy them in your local store) some cookies for the party (sweater-shaped, but of course), vote for the ugliest one at your party. You don’t need to make sweaters yourself or receive them from your granny, by the way. Lots of ugly sweaters are available in stores, make your choice.

Ugly sweater party

Christmas geek activities

What would be a perfect advice is the SIGNAL (yup, it was the signal already) to start searching for board games to play Christmas or the New Year night. Shelves in the shops become empty, so hurry up and find what is good for you. Try the world known like Dixit, Alias or Munchkin if you still haven’t, or pick any of the list of best board games for Christmas.

Don’t forget about special Christmas treats. Warm yourself up and make a hot Christmas cocktail. Don’t forget about this tradition during the holidays as well: cocktails are pleasant to make and tasty to drink, so write out couple of recipes not to forget.

Say No to Homework over Christmas break

There’s really a whole lot of things to do on Christmas Eve besides Christmas break assignments.We know perfectly how strong your desire to get rid of classes is. Unfortunately, you can’t throw the finals out of your curriculum, but good news, you can rely on us to do your homework! So if you’re making a card for Santa begging him to solve your assignment – we’ll be your Santa! We’ll do any homework in any subject if you still have any this year, so lay back in front of a Christmas movie and have rest – you deserve it.

No Homework over Christmas break!

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Ugly Sweaters
Ugly Sweaters
6 years ago

Love the ugly christmas sweater pic!