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Excellent all around! Quality solution provided with turn-around much quicker than anticipated. Very satisfactory customer experience at quite reasonable rates. Thank you.

#162766 Programming & Computer Science Mar 2017

Your service has been amazing. Assignment was done on time and accurate. Your help is definitely appreciated.

#161712 Programming & Computer Science Mar 2017

Hi guys, thanks a lot, Incredible! please tell the expert he's a star, saved my day! :)

#162856 Chemistry Mar 2017

Hi. The info was good but there are some grammar and spelling mistakes that needs to be addressed but overall I am a satisfied customer:).

#158300 Biology Mar 2017

Fantastic service, reliable, fast , professional, highly recommended !thank you very much for your professional input on this!

#160884 Math Mar 2017

Hello, I just received the files and tested my code and the expert did wonderful. Provided descriptive comments, a full break down of how the program works, test cases, and even provided different versions of word files and pdfs to work with any computer. Please let the expert know that they did a phenomenal job. Thanks!

#162415 Programming & Computer Science Mar 2017

Excellent work... rapid return...couldn't be happier...Thanks

#161107 Programming & Computer Science Mar 2017

Week 5 Assignment 1 Review: Nicely defined dynamic stack. The push and pop functions seem to work great. Good job Week 5 Assignment 2 Review: Program coded to spec and ran fine. Good definition of the InventoryBin class with a full set of accessor functions. To make the class reusable for other applications, you should have also defined a set of mutator functions. Good definition of the 3 utility functions. This was a good exercise of the stack abstract data type – you’re clearly doing Object Oriented Programming now.

#159529 Programming & Computer Science Feb 2017

You guys are great! I’ve made A’s on all my assignments that your experts have assisted me with. You are life (and career) savers!

#160947 Economics Feb 2017

Everything was great, perfect coding this time around! Thanks again for everything!

#157870 Programming & Computer Science Feb 2017

Very satisfied with the assignment content Very satisfied with the turn around time and schedule Very satisfied the cost and overall service

#159729 Economics Feb 2017

I was extremely satisfied with the completed assignment. The code was simple, clear, and done quickly. I was most impressed by the fact you guys gave me a reasonable quote which reflected the amount of work that needed to be done. I was quoted ridiculously high prices for the same simple assignment by other services and that is why I chose you guys. I will be placing another order very soon.

#159922 Programming & Computer Science Feb 2017

When I click the button - detailed explanation, I expect a conceptual explanation on how the finished code work in plain English.I am not good at learning new programming skills, but I still want to learn something from the projects. I hope there are more options for different types of explanation. Other than this downside of your service, your experts did a very decent job on solving the problem. I like it, and if I stuck, I would use your service again.

#159666 Programming & Computer Science Feb 2017

Fantastic! Full marks all round! Thank you!

#158447 Math Feb 2017

Such a perfect work, more than I can expect. Thank you and please send my best wishes to the expert.

#159154 English Jan 2017

Just got the test back with a 90 score. The only error was the one i caught and mentioned to you earlier but was too late to correct it since I had to submit. For that error, I lost ten points (each problem worth 25 x 4 problem=100). Overall the expert did excellent. Thank the expert for me and hope the same expert can help me with the others.

I am so happy to have submitted my HW to Physics Expert. They have the most finest and professional experts to work on your tasks. The communication is the best experience I have ever had. The response to your questions are return almost immediately. The quality of work they return is top rated. I rate these experts A+++++

#158814 Physics Jan 2017

Assignment Review: ASSIGNMENT 1: Coded-to-spec, efficient, simple and accurate. Nice use of the named constant const double NumDays::perday = 8.0; It's a C++ naming convention to make named constants all CAPS as a signal to the reader it is non-changing, when they see it used in the code. So perday would be PERDAY. ASSIGNMENT 2: Nice job. Clean, efficient code that compiles and runs great. You created the different classes which interacted so well

#150241 Programming & Computer Science Jan 2017

I got my moneys worth, thanks. A. West, Malibu, California

#157745 Chemistry Jan 2017

The expert has done an excellent job and you have been amazing to put up with a nuisance such as myself. I am sorry for being so demanding but I am truly appreciative of all that you do. Many thanks and I hope to use your services in the future once more!

#158094 Programming & Computer Science Jan 2017

Well, to be honest, so far I'm satisfied with your service and the manner you have dealt with questions, your response time, etc. I will however only be able to fully trust and put my faith in your expertise when I have my results, although there is no doubt at the moment as I understood your answers with regards to the approach and evaluation of problems. I should thank you in advance and would always be grateful that I could reach out and receive "special attention" I still have a few problems to solve and would definitely reach out again. Best Regards

#157456 Engineering Jan 2017

I satisfied with assignment expert. Each assignment I submitted done before deadline, so I like it, and I hope you carry on that good service.

#155718 Programming & Computer Science Dec 2016

Please let the expert know that he/she has done an amazing job and cleared all the tasks with investing a great amount of time in this work, I appreciate his/her effort and if in future i come across any hard projects or assignments i would love to come back here and ask for help. I will let my friends also know about this great website, without you guys i would've failed this. Thanks once again and I really appreciate your effort into this work. Great work guys keep it going.

#157287 Programming & Computer Science Dec 2016

I could not have been more satisfied with the work I requested..thank you

#156798 Physics Dec 2016

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#156601 Physics Dec 2016

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#156513 Programming & Computer Science Dec 2016

I've never had a bad experience yet and you guys have come through more times than I can count, thank you very much!

#154419 Programming & Computer Science Dec 2016

Great support attention. I get what I ask for, and when there's a slight misunderstanding of the requirements, the situation is resolved right away. Thank you AE, truly saved me this semester!

#153014 Programming & Computer Science Dec 2016

Thank you so much for delivering my assignment right on time and for your service. Forever grateful.

#150749 Programming & Computer Science Dec 2016

It was perfect thanks to the exepert! :)

#155187 Economics Dec 2016

Very good , your service is the best

#152499 Programming & Computer Science Dec 2016