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Hey, I just wanted to thank you for the project, I got an A in it. :D Everything was fine. Thanks a lot! :)

#171576 Programming & Computer Science May 2017

I've used a variety of online services for help with classes and assignments. Grademiners never completed the assignment per the requirements and sometimes, not even at all. Chegg is nice to find a tutor or to request written lessons on a topic but it's always a hit-or-miss depending on the tutor you get -- not to mention they're primarily tutors so if you're in a time crunch they're not the ideal service. Then I came across Assignment Expert and found it very easy to use and fair, using experts to analyze and quote prices based on what you're requiring, not simply off a page count, formatting style or "desired quality". Assignment Expert knew that if I were paying, it were to be done the right way from the get go. I started with a simple C program request which was priced extremely well. Well before my due date it was completed and I even had time to consult with the expert who was very knowledgeable. A few weeks later I made my second request which was a doozy - a java program built from a starter pack which my class provided. This meant that the expert had to review pre-built code and package structures that was exclusive to my class, and perform the required tasks for the assignment. Needless to say I was worried at first, but again the assignment was completed before the due date and the expert was extremely, extremely helpful in explaining specific code I was confused about. It was like I had the assignment completed to a "T" and was still able to get some light tutoring time. I've nothing to say but good things about this online service. The only recommendation I would make is to urge the customer to set the due date at least 24 hours before the assignment is actually due, that way there is time for any slight adjustments or explanations if needed. Kudos to the experts!

#171671 Programming & Computer Science May 2017

Thanks to the expert; the code looks amazing and seems to work correctly. Thank you for your patience with my questions as well. 10/10 would use this expert again.

#172460 Programming & Computer Science May 2017

Thank you! You guys are awesome! Will recommend!

#172567 Programming & Computer Science May 2017

Y'all did excellently. 10/10 recommend

#170974 Math May 2017

You did it again. 93% on my latest project! Definitely worth the price! Only wish I had gotten it a little earlier, it was solving for 2 weeks and I got it back the day before it was due. Makes me nervous

#168840 Economics May 2017

I couldn't praise your service enough. It was efficient and before the deadline, I will certainly be recommending your service to my friends and family. Thank you again

#170695 Math May 2017

very good expert I do like his work I give him 5 stars

#166856 Programming & Computer Science May 2017

Thank you so much very impressed completed early and with a great grade will def use this service again

#170669 Math Apr 2017

Review Your experts have been great help and your website is very easy to navigate even a toddler could go and navigate. so far i cant complain service has been great and has help me greatly.

#170980 Math Apr 2017

Thank you so much for a great assignment. It was perfect!

#170317 Math Apr 2017

Great work as usual. Task were completed as requested. I appreciate the work you guys do.

#168307 Programming & Computer Science Apr 2017

Thank you very much, sorry I ever doubted you guys, excellent work, and no need to worry about the unanswered problems, with what you guys did was enough. Once again thank you.

#170945 Math Apr 2017

Thanks a lot !! The completed assignment actually works and I already submitted ! You guys are genius and worth my money :) Have a good one guys ! :)

#171371 Programming & Computer Science Apr 2017

Thank you for this assignment. It is a very good work. I really appreciate.

#164122 Programming & Computer Science Apr 2017

Life savers!! Got a 94% on my project! I will definitely be using their services again

#167406 Math Apr 2017

Assignment Expert is amazing. I am so grateful to have them to help me with my math assignments. They are true experts who will help you get the best grade possible!

#168400 Economics Apr 2017

great job....thank you!

#167347 Programming & Computer Science Apr 2017

Thank You so much! I was able to get a 95% on this assignment.

#164972 Programming & Computer Science Apr 2017

The project is perfect ! Very happy with result ! Thanks a lot !!!

#169030 Programming & Computer Science Apr 2017

Excellent service. Replied quick when order created. Live chat is helpful.

#167508 Programming & Computer Science Apr 2017

WOW, thank you!! I'm blown away by the speed of the completion and service thank you again!

#165183 Chemistry Apr 2017

Awesome job :)

#167062 Engineering Apr 2017

I am extremely satisfied! It passed all tests on Dr Java and I also ran it through cmd junit. All 190 tests worked. I'm very impressed. I almost lost faith that there's anyone out there to help until I found your site.

I'm extremely satisfied. You have shown excellence. I have good news to share. I'm starting master degree in computer science from August 2017. I hope to depend on you for the next 2 years and I hope you can help me on thesis also. You are the only reliable help I have. Thanks a lot!!!!

#165267 Programming & Computer Science Apr 2017

The Assignment Expert was able to finish my assignment with great efficiency. With the details given, they were able to execute my project to perfection. This is my second time using the service. So far my experience has been professional and accurate. Will use again for future projects.

#166972 Programming & Computer Science Apr 2017

The experts were attentive to every detail required to finish my assignment on time and 100% accurate. I will definitely be a repeat customer.

#167923 Programming & Computer Science Apr 2017

I am very satisfied with the quality of the work done. Thank you so much!

#166260 Programming & Computer Science Apr 2017

My experience with assignment expert has been wonderful. I was beyond satisfied with the help I received. I have tried other sites, and none of them compare to your prices, the quickness of the work, and the quality of the work. I'll definitely use your site again.

#166771 Math Apr 2017

Dear team, thank you very much for your response, help and for looking into this last minute, you guys are awesome! I appreciate it, have a good one! : )

#166470 Math Apr 2017

Thank you. Your service as has been a life saver. I really appreciate your help with my school assignments.

#165080 Economics Apr 2017