Privileges for Students

Almost in all countries pupils and students are privileged categories of citizens who can receive various discounts and benefits. Especially great benefits are available to students in developed countries – discounts for rooms in hotels and for travel, meals and entrance tickets for exhibitions, theaters, museums, etc. Knowing about their rights and available benefits, the student can successfully use them, saving money.


It is especially important to know about discounts and promotions offered to students before starting to travel to other countries. Typically, students receive discounts on rail, bus and air transport tickets, accommodation in hotels, public transportation. But in order to take advantage of great offers, you must have documents that confirm your status of student.

Established in 1955 the International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is by far the main document certifying the student status in the world.

Initially, ISIC was created to help students learn the lives of others countries. It was necessary somehow to overcome the barriers, the borders, and the fear of other cultures that arose after the II World War. From 1955 ISIC has provided students the opportunity to travel, get acquainted with the peculiarities of other cultures nations, and most importantly to get a huge experience in dealing with young people around the world.


ISIC is the student’s unique privilege. Being an international student card and discount card at the same time, ISIC opens up a world of opportunities that is not available to the rest!

You can save money using more than 42,000 discounts in 120 countries around the world and benefits for flight. Also with the ISIC card, you can:

ü  Release your wallet from the other 95% discount cards.

ü  Have student’s right on benefits abroad: museums, theaters, transportation, etc.

ü  Get help anywhere in the world: Helpline (+44) 20-8762-8110 within 24 hours.

One of the most lucrative benefits is the ability of students to buy flight tickets at discounted prices. For many students there is an important fact that buying a ticket for the student rate, they may change the departure date at any time during a full year from the purchase date of the ticket; for ordinary travel that is impossible: if person does not fly away on time, the ticket is lost. Given the fact that to visit any country you should immediately buy a round-trip ticket (a consular office, which opens a visa, requires this), an important advantage of the student fare is the opportunity to pass a ticket of the reverse way and return spent money with little or no loss.

The student has the right to make stops along the way without additional pay. In addition, the student can buy a ticket with arrival to this or that city, and the flight from another, even if the second point is located in the territory of another state. There is also an opportunity to exchange tickets for any direction – so having a ticket for the flight from one point (for example, New York), reached by bus, the student can exchange it for a ticket from Paris, while paying the difference in value, or receiving compensation at a lower amount. Regular visitors cannot take advantage of this opportunity.

Enjoy being a student! This time is perfect for every beginning – from communication and sharing knowledge with different people of all statuses, ages, nations, etc., to receiving recognition and fame in the science sphere for your achievements, which will bring people to the new stage of evolution, without your own money, because best students are valuable for universities and have more privileges!

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