Postgraduate Education – the Next Step in Study

As for any postgraduate study, you need to be really motivated in doing that extra reading and not just sticking to texts suggested for class discussion. Compared to the workload of a Cambridge History BA the compulsory workload may seem light. When it comes to dissertation however, you will wish that you had put more effort into reading around the subject!

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Postgraduate education is designed to improve personal academic talents. This is a great way to apply gained knowledge and create a name in science. Sciences can be different: biological, medical, physical, or chemical engineering or veterinary – many branches of science, where the PhD is available.

Who goes to graduate institution? Basically, the graduates who in the process of learning already made researches, they are interested in continuing their studies at a higher than the student’s level. A few conditions are necessary to enter postgraduate school:

à  Higher education: A person must have a diploma or professional or master’s degree.

Without that education there will be no postgraduate school. Undergraduate studies are also higher education, but do not give the right to go to graduate school.

à  A person usually must have a scientific basis, in order to go to the appropriate department or the appropriate institution.

What must be done to enroll postgraduate school? The first step is to gather all relevant documents. Among them is an application form of the applicant addressed to the university’s provost of scientific work. Next, the recommendation of the Academic Council, the head of the department or the supervisor is required, it is better to have all of these recommendations. The research proposal on the topic of future thesis and supervisor’s review are vital. These two documents should be attached carefully with a list of publications on the subject, and applicant’s personal data. Of course if person has scientific publications, a list of them must be attached. That is reference form.

Now about the exams. For admission to postgraduate school the so-called candidate minimum must be passed. When applying to postgraduate school the certification of candidate examinations, in case of their pass, must be attached.

A copy of diploma, the routine collection of documents for the HR department: personal data – full name, biography, place of work, family structure, and passport, photos and a copy of the passport’s pages, the pass of candidate exams: general test of English language, exam in the specialty, and philosophy, in case of exams’ absence – that is very laborious, time-consuming and difficult process.

Next, an interview with a special committee that summarizes marks of the examinations and the research proposal, and consider applicant’s personal information. During the conversation applicant’s task is to convince the committee on the ability of raise field of science to a new level. Based on the interviews, the results of examinations and evaluation of research proposal, the committee will decide on the admission or give the opportunity to try luck next year.

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