How to Do Summer Homework Ahead of Time

How to do summer homework ahead of time

When one thinks of summer, they think of no school, sleeping in, doing absolutely nothing all day except eat and sleep. But one could not be more wrong in modern times, especially if you are a student. Lots of schools assign summer assignment for students to finish before September comes and the new school year begins as a way to keep your brain working and your mind sharp. Some say it’s cruel, some say it’s necessary but in any case, we’ll give you all the information you need to handle this summer school problem. 

Use Your Time Efficiently

So you’ve been assigned some work to do, but you have zero motivation to do it and will procrastinate until it the night before. How can you change that? Well, for starters, create a schedule for yourself for your homework. Knowing that there is work to be done and being reminded every week is a great solution for working efficiently. Plan to read 1 page a day or more, or work for 1 hour on a week on your summer homework. The little amount of work done adds up, and by the time you start the next school year, you’ll be totally prepared.

Think of Summer Homework as a Good Thing

Plenty of students hate the idea of doing homework in the summer, but the idea of summer work is so students’ minds continue to work and don’t get lazy. Researchers say that extended and continuous instruction actually help students stay sharp over the summer. It’s like working out your muscles, if you stop for an extended amount of time, it won’t be as strong. This is your time to make your brain “swol” as your summer body.

Leisurely Read

Summer Reading Assignments aren’t as fun as it sounds, but actually builds a good habit of reading for leisure in leisure time. The books may not be interesting to you, but pick up another book that might interest you and work on reading that for a few weeks to get yourself into the mood for reading. Your future self will thank you for making reading enjoyable!

Make Sure to Relax and Have Fun

Summer work isn’t given to make you stressed out, as some may think. While the work needs to be done, it’s also summer. Making time for homework doesn’t mean you have to stay inside all day everyday. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so go see your friends, hang out by the pool, and eat all the ice cream you want. But don’t forget that you have work to do later on!

Planning and Executing

Some students get into a habit of writing something in their planner but not actually doing it. Well, if you plan to do your homework over the summer, you should follow through. Make sure you know what you need to do and how much time you need to do each task. Finding a place to do the work is also essential. Working from home isn’t the most productive, but the school library is open over the summer, so invite your classmates to work on your homework and meet at the library or something. Planning is half the battle, doing it is the other half. Like everyone’s favorite sports brand, “Just do it.”

Check Yourself

Knowing that someone else is monitoring your work is helpful because you know they will find out if you procrastinate or actually get your work done. Classmates are the best motivators to do your homework because they also have to do the same work. No one wants to fall behind, and you can even help each other with the workload. You all can make sure that you all are keeping up with the reading or on schedule to finish your work, just in time for the new school year.

Is Summer Homework Beneficial?

So the big debate is whether or not having summer work is beneficial or not. Students of course argue that its the absolute worst, but according to some psychologists, learning through the summer and continuous instruction helps kids learn better. The positive impact of this summer work appears during the regular school year as well, as students score tend to be higher. This also presents an opportunity for students not to fall behind in coursework, as they learn how to manage time efficiently. The fear of falling behind is a worry that parents and teacher all have for students, so providing summer work will keep them in tip-top form and deliver the right materials for their regular classes in the school year.

Balance is the Key

Even after knowing all of this, students still struggle to accomplish what they want to, especially in the summer. There are plenty of ways to get the most out of summer, and balance is the key. Of course you can knockout all of your summer work in 1 day, but this route isn’t for everyone, and it isn’t advised to do everything last minute. And if you really struggle, Assignment Expert is here to help you with all your last minute work you procrastinated on. Just don’t make it a habit 🙂

Instead, you can minimize the time spent on summer work in several ways. In any case, the work needs to be done, and you also need to relax and take a break, so we suggest everything in moderation. Look at your summer plans and make your schedule work for you, and not the other way around.

Balancing work and play is the key to help you deal with summer work, but don’t let summer work be such a drag! Build a schedule, get your friends together, do small amount of work everyday, don’t procrastinate! Work smarter, not harder! Summer is here so make the most of it!

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