How to Combine Homework and Summer Vacation

Summer homework problems

What do you personally associate summer with? Sunny beaches, lots of free time, family gatherings and parties with friends, gardening, hobby time, learning new skills, and… homework, anyone? We doubt if these two ever go along together in your projection. However, homework remains an essential part of summer break, which a student can’t escape. But let’s look at some ways of combining homework and recreation that can make your academic strain easier to overcome.

First, you should do is make up a list of assignments to be done and books to be read. As soon as you finish with it, remember that summer homework is not a binge studying. You are free to divide it into portions, for example, by weeks or months. Ticking each of them as done will motivate you to continue and complete the list even more. Another thing that works surprisingly well with motivation is time management and here we show how.

Time-oriented approach

When having a huge to-do list, don’t fall into panic. Take the most difficult assignments and put them into small pieces, to spend, for example, 25 minutes on each. This time is short, but it may be the most productive period of your day. Staying concentrated on one task for a certain time develops discipline and diligence. You also won’t need to persuade yourself for half an hour to start the long-time journey of doing homework, all you need is to quickly get down to studying and spend 25 minutes painlessly. To become more organized, check out timer websites or apps for your phone to record time and watch your progress and remember the only rule: no interruptions are allowed!

Procrastination is the first foe

If you’ve promised something to yourself, please be welcome to follow your promise. Planning to write an essay between 6 pm and 8 pm? Let it be that way and let the whole world wait. Self-discipline is the first characteristic of a successful adult person and you will definitely need it no matter what your future career will be.

Parallel engagement

Multitasking is the easiest technique to get used to. When on a bus, consider reading a book or your notes. Walking on your own or with your dog may be combined with listening to audio lessons or vocabularies to learn new foreign words or other useful studying materials. An audio book may carry you away while sunbathing. Just don’t get burnt!

Flexibility on top

When you are on a summer break, appreciate every minute of your time and be ready for something to happen or not. You may be having fun the whole day long but always have a book or notes with you so that wherever you have a minute in a queue, you can spend it productively.

Social media may be of benefit

But only when you use it wisely. Unfollow all online shops and kitties on Facebook and Instagram (alright, leave kitties if they bring you joy and happiness), instead subscribe to popular scientific communities.

Gadgets come in handy

Speaking of social media, we, of course, can’t help mentioning the devices which engage you in surfing the web. And look, we’re not going to discourage you to use them. What we offer is to use them advantageously for studying. Even if you cannot do the whole homework on your tablet, you may enjoy watching documentaries or other videos on the topics related to that on such websites as TED or do the online course as a revision.

Geek party never killed nobody

If you have a couple of friends deeply interested in a certain subject (well, way more than you are), call them out for a drink and just have “an academic conversation.” The thing is rubbing shoulders for like 5 minutes with enthusiastic A-plus students may replace a dull college lecture. One more cool idea is to create a board game based on the material you’re supposed to learn. Design cards and rules on your own and have fun bringing it with you wherever you want.

Social media may be of benefit

But only when you use it wisely. Unfollow all online shops and kitties on Facebook and Instagram (alright, leave kitties if they bring you joy and happiness), instead subscribe to popular scientific communities.

Homework as an excuse for less attractive activities

“I’m going to do my homework tonight” sounds both serious and persuasive to your parents when they try to make you clean up the house or pay a visit to your auntie. Ah yeah, make sure you’ll be really doing homework tonight.

If nothing else helps

As you see, there’s nothing impossible about combining homework and summer rest. These are only several ways to help you out with your academic routine and it is totally up to you what way to choose to complete all assignments. However, if you feel sick and tired of school, college or university and want summer to be a summer, Assignment Expert service has a perfect option for you. We have plenty of experts in each discipline to assist you with any kind of task. The list of our services includes:

  • Doing the most complicated assignments, while the easiest ones are done by you;
  • Completing all your summer homework in various subjects from math and programming to English essays and management projects;
  • Helping with summer readings by summing up their contents in a form of an essay;
  • Providing explanations and recommendations for anything you face difficulties with and many more.

Address us by submitting your requirements on our website, set the deadline and wait for your work to be done. Be sure, you will want to come back again.

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