How to be Cool for the Summer

Summer relaxation

Summer is the time most people relax and take a break from real life for a bit. You can sit back and not worry about so many things and spend time doing what you want to do. The sun invites us to come outside, the beach is calling us to take a dip in the water, and our friends are asking us to have a drink or two. With so many things happening in summer, it can be crazy trying to figure out what to do. Luckily, we’ve created a list of the most “summer-y” things to do to reach maximum levels of relaxation!


Most places have free festivals where you can walk around and hang with your friends during the summer. They’ve got rides, games, food and drink and even sometimes concerts. The atmosphere is exactly what you’d expect from a summer festival. Good food, good friends, good times!

Take a holiday somewhere

Summer is about relaxing, and having a getaway for a few days is always a good way to relax. Head to an all-inclusive resort, rent out an apartment in a major city, go camping by the sea! Take your family or friends with you, or solo travel. New scenery is refreshing and will energize you for the summer.


Tired of going to bars and clubs at night? Well you could always have a bonfire! Sit outside with your best friends around the fire and roast up some s’mores and open an ice cold brew. Tell scary stories or play some hilarious game. Bring a guitar and sing to your favorite tunes. This is the ultimate evening relaxing activity for you and your friends.

Let’s go to the beach, beach

Summer is hot, so to stay cool, we suggest hitting up the beach. It has plenty of people there and lots of things to do. Beach volleyball, frisbee, swimming, suntanning, or even sandcastle building, it’s all there for you to enjoy. Plan a day with your friends and pack a lunch, the beach is always waiting for you in the summer!

But finding things to do in the summer can be stressful and is only a temporary escape from the real world. Once Autumn comes, life will start to settle in again and you will be back to the grind. It doesn’t have to be like that if you develop better habits for yourself! And what a better time to do it than in the summer? Who says you need a new year to make new goals?

Wake Up Early

Most people would still like to sleep in as much as they can. Don’t get me wrong, sleeping is amazing, but productivity in the summer gets really low and is hard to pick back up. Getting used to waking up early in the summer will benefit you when summer is over. You’ll have enough time to do what you need to do, plus you can start waking up early for work or for school on time. The early bird always gets the worm!

Put on Sunscreen

This it the time to be outside, in the sunshine and chillin our with your pals. But don’t be fooled, the sun is also harmful and staying out long without protection isn’t a good idea. Make sure you dab up your sunscreen so the harmful UV rays don’t eat you alive. It also helps with sunburns and getting an even tan!

Drink Water

No matter what summer “activities” you get yourself into, drinking water is a sure way to stay hydrated and safe. The health professionals suggest drinking a few liters of water a day to hydrate your body. They also say it helps keep your skin clear of acne. No one wants to pass out from dehydration and plus, water is healthy! What’s nicer than an ice, cold glass of water in the middle of the summer heat.

Be Active

The weathers nice and people are out and about, and you should be too. Doing something active and leisurely will help you feel more relaxed. The latest trend is playing Pokémon go and walking. Having a fitness tracker during the summer shows all the progress you’re doing. It’s never to late to get your summer body! Also, It’s fun to do by yourself or with friends, and there’s a variety of things to do from riding bicycles to swimming to kayaking and fishing, there’s always something to do.

Eat Healthier

Start eating better in the summer and it will turn into a long time habit! It’s hard when everyone is out and about and having BBQ’s on the weekends. But you can always replace them with healthy alternatives and even carbless options. Fruits are also in season, take advantage of the freshness and make a smoothie or something!

Budget Wisely

Summer almost always seems like a pit that you throw money in. But building a budget for yourself for food, activities and travel during the summer makes you more aware of all the expenses you have. Find cheaper alternatives like having picnics instead of eating out, having a movie night instead of spending money at the theater. The challenge is real but the reward is even realer!

Learn to say no

There are plenty of people planning things and going out and traveling during the summer. But it gets exhausting and expensive to keep up with your friends. There’s a bit of reluctance accepting plans because sometimes you just don’t want to. So don’t, it’s not so easy to say no to plans. But most friends are understanding and you should prioritize somethings in life.

So don’t get caught up in everything going on, think smarter and be cool for the summer, work on yourself and get creative with your time!

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