Jobs for Students – Earn while Learn!

You’re still at college but already worry about work experience? You are not alone seeking a good job with a possibility to balance it with studying. In figures, 1 in 7  students work full-time while study, 45% have part-time job, and almost 13% work both on weekends and week days. No matter what you are concerned with, be it money, self-affirmation or practice, work is a commonplace and integral part of students’ life, so let’s find out how to bring it together with your classes.

Dunno what to start with?

There’s always a dilemma about which work to choose, low-paid occupational or that one which requires less skills and more hands like courier or McDonald’s crew member. Of course, it’s up to you to build your own career ladder, but if you’re unwilling to do this drab stuff, you can be inspired by the everlasting examples of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, who realized their potential into the things they (and the whole world, by the way) admire. Your future is in your hands from now on and don’t be afraid to create something new.

However, not each of us is such a genius to start his own business in a garage right away, so let’s consider other realistic options. And let’s look at the table on how your peers tend to search for work.

What jobs are available for students?

First of all, try what is close to you. By this we mean the establishment where you study. It obviously has a library, canteen, labs. Thus, working as a librarian and laboratory assistant will not only make money for you but also create a certain reputation. Discover these and other full- and part-time positions available at around your place in such fields as:

  • Campus employment: vacant positions for your age can be found in bookstores, cafeterias, university offices and other campus departments;  
  • Food service: usually they look for cooks and waiters, food expeditors and dishwashers with and without experience;
  • Tutoring: be it language, math or any other subject you’re major in, you can always teach somebody privately, just find some kids and have a talk with their parents (your neighbors, for instance);
  • Hospitality jobs: each hotel searches for guest services representatives like you;
  • Entertainment venues offer a dozen of jobs from ticket-sellers to concessions stand operators.

Now, when job is in your pocket the only thing you have to handle is the way you’ll combine it with studying process. It happens to be real struggle for survival from the very beginning, so don’t mess this up with panics.


How am I supposed to combine both?

Firstly, start your line-up of primary issues and decide what is of greater importance: work or college/university. Remember, that you still have to graduate from the latter, so don’t give up on it completely. If you have found the work now, it doesn’t mean that later you will be a demanded employee without a diploma.

Put aside things of less importance such as surfing the Internet, distracting friends’ calls and other monkey business – save time. Learn simple rules of time-management for working students and get rid of procrastination.

What’s up with homework? What if I don’t have time to do it?

Finally, when everything seems to be covered, homework is always left. Meh. It’s common problem of students, even if they coped with work + classes combination, they as a rule never have time to study at home. Smart guys would advise to do the easiest assignments between university and work, or use any breaks during the daytime. Waking up earlier to prepare homework or reading in transport will also prevent you from failure.

too much homework

Anyway, if you’re in trouble with your HW, rely on us, we’ll do any homework for you anytime.

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