How to Balance Sports and Homework?

How to Balance Sports and Homework?

There are plenty of articles on how to manage such combinations as homework+work, homework+social life, homework+household chores. However, there’s still something on the list waiting to fit in – sports. Can you pick which suits you better today: to be healthy student with lean, athletic body but with no idea of how to solve the easiest equation or to be a highbrow nerd with a pale face and the bag of bones? One should balance, you say, but how? Let’s consider this problem here so that you’d be able to choose your way. There are normally several ways to set sports among your other everyday activities, but get used to managing your time efficiently.

There are normally several ways to set sports among your other everyday activities, but one should only get used to managing your time efficiently. Even though, not everybody feels about caring about their timetable. Thus, a boom of complaints from students about their failure to combine sports and academics has recently flooded the social networks.

One by one

Time-management, as you’ve already guessed, means having clock, calendar, and notebook (luckily, they are on your phone already). So be ready to properly analyze your schedule and write down hours for work-outs and studying. The most important here, people tend to procrastinate with homework, but they hardly postpone sports. So you have two options: either to do sport within the fixed time after classes and later spend the whole night doing (or pretending to do) homework, or  pull yourself together and set yourself say 3 hours for hw (not even minute more) and do your best to fit into the limited time.


What we also advise you is to do hw and sports at the same time. Like jogging in the morning? Listen to necessary audio books instead of music on the run! It would be even more comfortable if you have some sporting equipment at home, it’ll help you to concentrate more on listening while training your body (it is also safer as you do not have to cross the street or run from dogs).

Plan beforehand

Do not start planning the day in the morning – do it in advance. You know for sure which subjects you’re going to have this week, so choose ones of major importance and put preparation for them into the first place. Thus, you create a list of issues which will help you to be sure in your nearest future.

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Use free time

Have free periods? Spend a lot of time in transport? Explore how often you have spare minutes and devote them to studying so that you can do at least reading part and save some time to sports. Join friends in a cafeteria of during the break to discuss how to solve this or that task. Using each minute wisely will make you a great achiever in both academics and sports.

Get some help

Eventually, if nothing helps (that is, either you really don’t have free minutes or you spare yourself wasting your time on complaints about the lack of time), try asking for help. Don’t be afraid, it’s not a shame. We understand, that combination doesn’t give you the chance to do homework and exercise properly. Thus, you can always address Assignment Expert, and we’ll help you to do your assignments while you’re training. Submit the task and a team of professionals will solve it with extra explanations which we provide for you not to lag behind in studying.

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