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Electric Motors

Modern electric motors are complex mechanical devices that help people in solving various production problems. Without the electric motor it is hard to imagine even the simplest form of electrical equipment, which is protecting the interests of the progressive people. At first, people discovered the inexhaustible sources of electrical energy. Then, using the electric motor they made the electricity to perform time-consuming work. Today, electric motors are an essential part of any electrical equipment.2 (more…)

Education in the Middle Ages

In the Middle Ages (V – XVII) the image of Western society, its culture, pedagogy and education changed significantly compared to the ancient era. This was due to the approval of a new type of socio-economic relations, new forms of statehood and the transformation of culture due to the penetration of Christianity.


The philosophical and pedagogical thought of the early Middle Ages defined its main aim in the salvation. The core source of education was considered as Divine. The carriers of Christian pedagogy and morality were the ministers of Catholicity. (more…)

Pilot Education


“The ultimate responsibility of the pilot is to fulfill the dreams of the countless millions of earthbound ancestors who could only stare skyward and wish”. The achievement of this aim is possible only in case of good preparation of the pilot, his/her ability to be taught.
As the teaching is a developmental process it includes:

  • The identification of knowledge source;
  • The control of studies;
  • Sharing of the data;
  • Instruction by precept, example, or experience.


Homework Hacks


Almost all of us are lazy creatures.  We all want to visit our favorite website / forum, can’t escape clicking the button “get new mail” in the mail client, get distracted by meaningless things, and so on. There are those days when hours are dying for nothing, but the only thought hanging in your head is, “how to organize myself into effective work?” We want to spend every minute with a maximum benefit, but we do not want to jump through hoops for it.

Education in Ancient Rome and Greece

The peculiarity of the education and teaching system in Ancient Rome was the fact that the state apparatus of this powerful nation was in need of educated people. This need was satisfied through the preparation of young men from noble and independent families by home teachers and highly educated Greeks.


Ancient Education

Education is the best provision for the journey to old age.

Education is the best provision for the journey to old age.

The modern sane person has no doubts about the value of education, which attaches human to the achievements of civilization and prepares him/her for the independent creative activity in chosen field of employment. The family and university play important role in education, because the education process appears from the family and teaching process – from the higher education institution. Education is the part of state policy. It is budgeted with significant costs in each state.

In the ancient states the education and teaching were carried out mainly in the family. In the transition era from the communal to the slave system the old traditions of family education are kept and changed in the Ancient civilizations of the East. Pedagogical prerogatives of the patriarchal family have been fixed in the literary monuments of the Ancient East, as the Laws of the Babylonian King Hammurabi (1750 BC), The book of Proverbs of Jewish King Solomon (early 1st millennium BC), The Indian Bhagavad Gita (the middle 1st millennium BC), etc.


How to Write Good Assignment

Let’s suppose you are a student and every half of year you have sessions, exams, tests… An every half of a year new subjects are added to your education program and again new assignments and tasks which are urgent to solve appear. You often ask yourself: “how to write good assignment?” Of course for getting better results you have to write good assignment.

Everybody knows that it’s impossible to study at the university and not to have difficulties with good assignment writing. But not everybody knows how to write good assignment. Complexity of good assignment writing is mostly in its size. Good assignment requires much time. (more…)

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