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7 years ago

using newton’s laws of motion explain why astronauts have to be attached to spacecraft to remain safe.?

Assignment Expert
Assignment Expert
7 years ago
Reply to  laylla

Motion of the astronaut in space is described by the second Newton’s law. That is, acceleration is proportional to the forces acting on the astronaut. The point is that once he is detached of the space ship, any motions of his limbs won’t help because there’s no are and thus nothing to push off. NASA requires an astronaut to use a tether, and sometimes additional “anchor” while in outer space. If these precautions do not work, you will move in accordance with the forces that act on you when you got off. You definitely will be weightless and maybe start to rotate. In space, limb movement will not help to change neither your course nor direction. Being luck to achieve a right angle and at the right speed, you can possibly get back into the Earth’s atmosphere and burn up. Therefore, there are protocols in NASA astronaut training for such a situation. They are equipped with a special jetpack called SAFER, which should automatically stabilize astronaut and prevent rotation. Then, an astronaut must use the manual control and return to the spacecraft. However, if three pounds of fuel available in the knapsack, run off and you won’t be caught by another astronaut you’ll die within few hours.