Brainstorming at Exam

Do you always have an accurate and complete answer to the question in the exam ticket? I think not. But, I doubt that you want to have a diploma with “D”. I will share with you by brainstorming method, but it is unconventional and applicable to students at the exam. This method was taught by my teacher of programming, as I was preparing for the professional test, but I use it again in other situations.


“Brainstorming” is one of the most popular methods to stimulate creativity. It helps to find the solution of complex problems through the application of special rules for the discussion. It is often used in organizations that require an unconventional approach and creativity. This method appeared in the United States in the late 30’s, and finally formed and became known for wide range of professionals with access to the book of A. Osborne “Applied Imagination” of 1953, in which the principles and procedures of creative thinking were revealed.

The main difference from the traditional method is the presence of one active partner as the interviewee, the compere and moderator. You are asking yourself, give as much as possible, responses, and in the end choose the most suitable, or combine the best for a full and detailed answer.


During the professional exam on programming I was taking the task and finding as more options as possible to solve it, even the most non-optimal or fantastic. Then I chose the best options that required the least expenditure of time to implement it, and I was sure in the code efficiency for equal results. In that way I had realistically assessed my strengths and, when applicable resolved the problem originally, sometimes also evaluated.

Another example, you have a question in the ticket. Ask yourself your own question that will help you give the most complete answer. For example, “What do I know about …?” And start to note, this is important, because you cannot remember everything. Briefly, in a word or short phrase, you make notes of all that you were able to recall at once without straining. Now make a structured response. In the course of compiling the answer the information that you do not remember, but knew it before, will pop up. In this case, your answer will be given clearly, the most completely and most importantly coherent.

To draw parallels and associations of certain issues with photographs, news headlines or problems, the availability of items in the bag (pencils, chess pieces, rubbers, etc.), while looking at which the right information will instantly pop up, will be a great assistant.

Practice with someone else, and certainly methods give results. Even with no knowledge of the exact answer to the question you can pull nuggets of knowledge and fold in the coherent response that will save you in the exam.

Thus, brainstorming is effective:

–  In solving problems that do not have a unique solution, and problems where solutions require unconventional approach. These are all tasks on advertisings’ creation.

–  When you need to find out a way from critical situation quickly.

–  Anywhere you need to get a lot of ideas in a short time. Brainstorming technique is universal.

The imperfection of the method is that the search for ideas is random. You will never be completely without ideas. But there is no guarantee that your decisions will be of really excellent.

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