10 Tips for Successful Exam Preparation

Perfect exam pass is when the examinee knows everything, confident, no fear of the teacher, knows how correctly and clearly express own thoughts … In general is a dream.

“Is there a way to at least a little to become closer to this ideal?” – You ask. To obtain this result, it is necessary to follow the 10 rules of successful exam preparation.

  1. Necessary literature. Before you begin to prepare for the exam, you need to find the right books. Usually teachers give a list of recommended references at the first lesson. Try to find the list and take the books from this list in library.
  2. List of questions. Many teachers give a list of questions, while others do not allow it. If your teacher is from the first list, then find a list of questions. It will be very important during preparation.
  3. Days for preparation. Carefully review the days given to you to prepare for the exam. Several times look through your personal organizer, and review your list of pending cases on these days. Try to highlight the days with the lowest number of cases.
  4. Preparation plan. Looking at the list of questions or the amount of material that must be learned and free days from cases make a detailed plan of studying material. Describe what material or what questions you will learn in what day.
  5. Preparation time. Numerous studies have shown that the best learning of material takes place in the morning or afternoon. Of course, each person is unique and each learns in his/her own way, so try to find a best time of day to prepare for the exam.
  6. The duration of preparation. An hour with intervals of half an hour will be perfect for preparation. In this half-hour you can eat, watch TV programs or episodes, a walk in the fresh air is very useful. But do not get carried away with long rest, remember: you have to handle with unread material.
  7. Follow the plan. Execute the plan set out in paragraph 4. Try not to leave today’s material for tomorrow. In this approach, the last day you have to learn much of the material.
  8. Repetition is the mother of learning. Before learning the new material, repeat one, learned yesterday. The repetition should not take much time, but it will help you remember and to consolidate what you have learned yesterday.
  9. With time and patience the leaf of the mulberry becomes satin. Be patient during the preparation. Always remember that you will be rewarded for labor.
  10. You know everything. Throughout your preparation relentlessly repeat yourself the idea that you will learn all and pass the exam excellent! This will calm you and help to be better focused.
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