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Chemistry Questions and Answers

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How do you calculate the of solid Ba(NO3)2 required?

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2. How much KClO3 must be heated to obtain 2.50 gram of oxygen?

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any mathematical calculation to find out the diamond or graphite is a allotrope of carbon or any other allotropes.

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which is a pair of allotropes?

a)carbon-14 and carbon-12

b)iron(lll) oxide and iron(ll) oxide

c)diamond and carbon dioxide

d)molecular oxygen and ozone

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Thiocyanate (SCN-) has the potential to coordinate metals either via N-atom or S-atom linkage. Predict the coordination linkage (N-atom or S-atom) and geometry for Zn (II) and Cu (I). Can you please explain.

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The equilibrium constant for the reaction below has the value K a = 3.5 × 10–4. In this reaction the
Brønsted-Lowry acid is ________.
HF(aq) + H2O(l) ⇌ H3O+(aq) + F-(aq)

Express your answer as a chemical formula.

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8. Calculate the maximum number of mole of Ba3(PO4)2 when 0.6 mole of BaCl2 is mixed with 0.6
mole of Na3PO4.

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9. What is the maximum amount of ammonia formed when 14 gm of N2 is mixed with 2 gm of H2.

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16. 2.4 kg of carbon is made to react with 1.35 kg of aluminium to form Al4C3. Calculate the maximun amount (in kg) of aluminium carbide formed

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19. The formula of a hydrated salt of barium is BaCl2 ⋅ xH2O. If 1.936 g of this compound gives 1.846 g
of anhydrous BaSO4 upon treatment with H2SO4, calculate x.

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