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Chemistry Questions and Answers

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Aqueous sulfuric acid will react with solid sodium hydroxide to produce aqueous sodium sulfate and liquid water . Suppose 8.8 g of sulfuric acid is mixed with 6.48 g of sodium hydroxide. Calculate the maximum mass of water that could be produced by the chemical reaction. Be sure your answer has the correct number of significant digits.
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Calculate the mass/volume percent, % (m/v) for the solute in each of the following solutions.
63g of Na2SO4 in 260mL of Na2SO4 solution
38g of sucrose in 360mL of a carbonated drink
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What is the meant by +-1/2 in spin quantum numbers, and what is its physical significance?
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what is the mass of oxygen molecule where molecular mass is 32?
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The heat of reaction for a chemical reaction can be calculated by finding the sum of the bond energies of the products and subtracting that from the sum of the bond energies of the reactants:

Heat of reaction==Sum of the energy for the bonds broken − Sum of the energy for the bonds formedSum of reactant bond energies − Sum of product bond energies

When calculating the sum of the bond energies, each bond in the reaction must be accounted for. For example, CH4 is a reagent with a coefficient of 1 in the reaction. There are four C−H bonds in methane and one methane molecule per reaction, for a total of four C−H bonds on the reactant side. All four bonds must be accounted for when finding the sum of the bond energies for the reactants.

Calculate the heat of reaction using the average bond dissociation energies given in the introduction and your answer to Part B for the reaction

CH4 + 2O2 → CO2 + 2H2O
Express your answer in kilojoules per mole to three significant figures.
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the normal lead content in human blood is about 0.40 part per million. a value of .80 part per million is considered to be dangerous. how many grams of lead are contained in 6.0 *10 to the 3rd power of blood if the lead content is 0.62part per million?
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Raising the concentration of carbon dioxide in a greenhouse to approximately 10000 ppm is effective in eliminating pests such as mites. what is the mass of carbon dioxide that would be present in 1kg of air?
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How many isomers does hexane (C6H14) have?
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In the process of electrolysis copper II tetraoxosulphate IV solution (aq) using copper electrode, Explain throughly with appproprate equation what happens at both the anode and the cathode
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Calculate the value of Delta H when the temperature of 1 mole of a monatomic gas is increased from 25 degree C to 300 degree C.
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