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Chemistry Questions and Answers

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The van der Waals constant "a" is a constant factor to a ideal gas law for the intermolecular attraction within a substance. List 1 contains the substances and list 2 contains value of "a"(L^2atm/mol^2)
List 1. list 2
(1)C6H6. (a).217
(2)C6H5CH3. (b)5.46
(3)Ne (c)18.00
(4)H2O. (d)24.060
Which one of the following combinations represents the correct matching of,the substance with the corresponding "a" value?
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What is the concentration of nitrate ions if equal volume of .1M AgNO3 and .1M NaCl are mixed together.
All are in M
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Which of the following is not a redox change?

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What volume of 1M H2SO4 is required to neutralize 10mL of a 1M NaOH solution?
All are in mL
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A 0.296g{\rm g} sample of carbon dioxide, CO2{\rm CO}_{2}, has a volume of 525mL{\rm mL} and a pressure of 425mmHg{\rm mmHg} . What is the temperature, in kelvins and degrees Celsius, of the gas?

Part A

What is the temperature, in degrees Celsius, of the gas?
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Write a thermochemical equation, including enthalpy value, for the combustion of methane
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How can I calculate the amount of moles of water that is formed given a theoretical value of -55.90 kJ/mol H2O that is formed and from using the amount of joules of heat that is liberated
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At 1 atm, how much energy is required to heat 95.0 g of H2O(s) at –14.0 °C to H2O(g) at 161.0 °C?
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What is the empirical formula and molecular formula for lactic acid if the percent composition is 40.00% C, 6.71% H, 53.29% O, and the approximate molar mass is 90 g/mol?
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why does the color of a liquid made from vitaminc,hydrogen peroxide,liquid loundry starch turns blue when we add iodine to it?
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