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Chemistry Questions and Answers

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Compute the relative rate of diffusion of nitrogen (N2) to carbon monoxide (CO2)
In Progress...
Compute the relative rate of diffusion of nitric oxide (NO) to ammonia (NH3)
In Progress...
Compute the relative rate of diffusion of ethanol (C2H5OH) to propane (C3H8)
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What is the ratio of the velocity of neon (Ne) atoms to the velocity of krypton (Kr) atoms when both gases are at the same temperature?
Compute the relative rate of diffusion of chlorine (Cl2) to hydrogen (H2).
Compute the relative rate of diffusion of argon (Ar) to helium (He).
In Progress...
For the electrochemical cell : Zn │ Zn2+ (1M) II H+ (1M) │ H2 (1 atm), Pt the e.m.f. of the cell has been found to be 0.76. The standard oxidation potential of zinc is :
why does energy is realeased during the formation of chemical bond?

Question 1:

A compound A reacts according to the following hypothetical equation and has a molecular weight of 48.36 g/mol.

3 A (s) +B (aq) ––> 2 C (aq) ∆H° = ?

A sample of A, weighing 0.152 g reacts in a flask containing 250.00 g of water and the water temperature increases from 24.85 °C to a temperature of 26.26 °C. Calculate ∆H° for the reaction as written in the equation.

Answer: -1408 kJ

Question 2:

For which of the following reactions is ∆H° = ∆H°f, the heat of formation?
i. C (s) + 2 F2(g) ––> CF4 (g) ∆H° = – 221.0 kJ
ii. H(g) + Br (g) ––> HBr (g) ∆H° = –366.2 kJ
iii. 2 C(s) + H2(g) + 3 Cl2(g) ––> 2 CHCl3 (g) ∆H° = –268.2

Could you also explain exactly what Delta H means.
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