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Chemistry Questions and Answers

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M (molarity) devided by m (molality) = ?

answer is on density,volume,m and M
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why argon,nitrogen or helium are filled in an electric bulb
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the volume of 0.1M of sulfuric acid required to neutralize completely 40ml of 0.2 M of sodium hydroxide is what?
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Two identical vessels are connected by a tube with a valve letting the gas pass from one vessel into the other is the pressure diff. is greater than or equal to 1.10 atm. Initially there was a vacuum in one vessel while the other contained ideal gas at a temperature t1=27 degree Celsius and pressure p1=1.00 atm. THen both the vessels were heated to a temp t2=107 degree celsius. Up to what value will the pressure in the first vessel increase?
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One litre of co2 is passed through red hot coke. The volume becomes1.4 litre . Find the composition of product. Please a little explanatory....
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Explain the reducing and oxidizing character of ruthenium 2-
(bipyridal complexes)
In Progress...
Solid oxygen pale blue colour what reason
In Progress...
explain reducing and oxidizing character of ruthenium
In Progress...
On addition of conc.sulphuricacid to chloride salt, colourless fumes are evolved but in case of iodine salt,violet fumes come out.this is because
In Progress...
hello teacher,iwant to know from you that "what are the attractive forces between the molecule of hf and hcl"please reply me now
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