Answer to Question #103450 in Law for Shannon

Question #103450
1.Crimes such as counterfeiting, embezzlement and fraud are associated with:
a. Social fabric crimes
b. Crimes heavily dependent on police action for tracing
c. Property-related crimes
d. Commercial crimes

2. Limited empathy and impulsiveness are linked to criminal behaviour and are perceived as... and... factors.
a. Individual, physical
b. genetic, heredity
c. physical,biological
d. biological, personal

3.Who is regarded as the father of American criminology
a. Toppinard
b. Sutherland
c. Carafallo
d. Quetelet
Expert's answer

D. Commercial crimes

B. genetic, heredity 

B. Sutherland  

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Assignment Expert
31.03.20, 15:47

Dear Isaac, please post your question separately here to get a quick answer.

27.03.20, 22:06

Which of the following options refers to the notion that interpersonal conflict shapes human behavior and those who maintain social power will use it to further their own needs? 1.Structure 2.Process 3.Consensus 4.Conflict

27.03.20, 21:56

Differences in the availability of employment, alcohol and drug abuse, peer pressure and social tressors, and an early onset of crime are for which factor that contribute to high crime rate among the youth?

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